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(2023-24) احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 آن لائن – نیو اپڈیٹ

احساس پروگرام

احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 – The current government of Pakistan has introduced the BISP Program, also known as the 8171 Ehsaas Program. It is now open for online registration starting in 2023. The program aims to give a monthly stipend of up to 25,000 rupees to people who are eligible.

Pakistan has faced challenges like floods and hard times with money. To help the people affected by these problems, the government made a program to give them assistance and fulfill their important needs. It’s the job of government officials to work for the betterment and welfare of society.

Because of the Internet and online banking, the government can now give money directly to people who need it. The 8171 Ehsaas Program in 2023 uses these technologies to make it easier for people to register and get money quickly.

If you want to be part of the program, you can find important information and instructions on the official website. The online registration process is easy and anyone can do it. Just follow the steps given and you can become a part of the program and get the benefits.

(2023-24) احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 آن لائن - نیو اپڈیٹ

احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 Pakistan

Pakistan, a country that is still developing, faces big problems like poverty, unemployment, inequality, and not enough good healthcare. That’s why the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, started the 8171 Ehsaas Program. This program wants to help poor people and make their lives better.

The Ehsaas Program has important goals. First, it wants to give support and opportunities to those who have been treated unfairly or left behind. It wants to help them succeed and have a better life without poverty.

The program also wants to make things fairer in society. It knows that some people have more money and power than others, and it wants to change that. It wants everyone to be treated equally and have the same chances to do well in life.

Another goal of the program is to improve healthcare. It wants everyone to have access to good medical care, even if they don’t have a lot of money. It wants to make hospitals and clinics better, make medicine affordable, and teach people how to stay healthy.

Creating jobs is important too. The program wants to help people find work and earn money because having a job is a way to get out of poverty. It wants to teach new skills, provide training, and support those who want to start their own businesses.

The Ehsaas Program has gained recognition around the world, and non-governmental organizations have also helped. These organizations are doing important work to assist people, and their support is valuable.

Through the 8171 Ehsaas Program, Pakistan wants to solve problems like poverty, inequality, and bad healthcare. The program hopes to create a society where everyone can thrive and be happy.

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احساس پروگرام 8171 لسٹ

Right now, the Ehsaas program has many special programs. These programs are really helpful for people who need support, not only in Pakistan but also in other countries when things are tough. There are also more programs connected to the main Ehsaas program that help even more people.

These programs are:

نئی اپ ڈیٹ کے مطابق احساس پروگرام کے تحت بہت سے نئے پروگرام آرہے ہیں۔

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احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 کے لیے اہلیت کا معیار

After the 2018 elections, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan started a program called Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) to help the people. In 2022, the current Prime Minister brought back the BISP program through the 8171 portal. People who work for the government cannot apply for this program. The main aim of the Ehsaas program is to help those who are poor, including:

  • Poor families: Families who are extremely poor and have a hard time with money.
  • Farmers: People who work on farms and depend on farming for their income.
  • Workers: People who do hard work like daily labor or work in factories.
  • Homeless people: People who don’t have a place to live and are living on the streets.
  • Orphans: Children who don’t have parents and need help and support.
  • Single mothers: Mothers who are raising their children alone and need assistance.
  • Unemployed people: People who don’t have a job but are looking for one or people whose income is less than 40,000.
  • Students from poor families: Students who come from families with less money and need help to continue their education.
  • Elderly citizens: Old people who don’t have enough money to live a good life.

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For poor people in Pakistan, they can apply for this program until the deadline is announced. It is important for those who qualify to register and get the benefits to make their lives better.

(2023-24) احساس پروگرام رجسٹریشن 8171 آن لائن - نیو اپڈیٹ

احساس پروگرام 8171 کی آن لائن تصدیق اور رجسٹریشن

To check if you can get help from the Ehsaas program, you can send a message with your CNIC number 8171. If you qualify, you can apply in two ways:

Visit the Ehsaas payment center: Go to the nearest center and fill out a form to register.

Apply online: You can also apply on the Ehsaas program’s website. Follow these steps:

  • Open the EHSAAS Portal by visiting their official website.
  • Type in your CNIC number (the number on your ID card) and phone number.
  • Fill in the given code that you see on the screen.
  • Check if you are eligible for the program. If you are, an application form will appear.
  • Fill in the application form with your CNIC number, phone number, the SIM card you use, and the code you see.
  • Choose your profession from the options given.
  • Submit the form.
  • After a few days, you can confirm the status of your registration by sending a message to 8171.

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By following these steps, you can find out if you can receive help from the Ehsaas program and apply for it. Remember to go to the payment center or use the online verification if you qualify.

احساس پروگرام کے لیے آن لائن اپلائی کرنے سے پہلے نوٹ کرنے کی چیزیں

The Ehsaas program is specifically designed to help people in Pakistan. It is important to note that this program is only available to Pakistani citizens and not to foreigners or individuals who own multiple properties. Government employees, except for low-income widows of former government employees, are also not eligible for this program.

If you are a low-income widow or a former government employee, you can visit the nearest Ehsaas program center to learn more about the registration process and how to apply for assistance.

Once you are registered, the Ehsaas program provides financial support on a monthly basis. However, it is important to remember that only those who have registered with their original CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) will be eligible to receive funds each month.

Notifications and updates about the program will be shared with registered individuals through the contact numbers provided during registration. Additionally, after your registration is confirmed, you may receive information about additional financial fund schemes that you may be eligible for.

The main goal of the Ehsaas program is to provide ongoing support to eligible individuals in Pakistan, ensuring that those in need receive regular financial assistance.


Ehsaas Program has helped many people by providing money and support to those who need it. These programs have made their lives better and more peaceful. We should appreciate the government for doing these good things.

Social media is important because it can help us learn about problems and share information. We can use platforms like Twitter to talk about the Ehsaas program and spread the word to help more people. If you know someone who needs this program, tell them to sign up and get the help they need.

By working together and using social media, we can make a difference and help those who are in need. Let’s use social media to share about the Ehsaas program and help more people. So, if you also know someone who needs the program, please advise them to register now!

Note: Please note that all the information provided in this post is obtained from official sources and other reliable resources. It is advised not to share your ID card number or mobile phone number here. Thank you for your understanding. We are solely focused on sharing information on ehsaas-porgrams.pk.

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