Aghosh Program Registration Online 2024 Through NSER Survey

Ehsaas Aghosh Program

Aghosh Program initiated by the government of Pakistan aims to provide crucial support to underprivileged pregnant women, offering free treatment and financial assistance to ensure healthy pregnancies and childbirth. With malnutrition posing a significant challenge among children in Pakistan, this program seeks to address these issues by offering financial aid to pregnant women for nutritious food consumption during pregnancy.

Under the program, pregnant women receive financial assistance of two thousand rupees each, facilitating access to essential nutrients for both mother and child. Additionally, upon childbirth, financial aid is provided to cover the cost of milk, fostering the development of healthy infants.

Notably, financial assistance varies based on the gender of the child, with Rs 2,000 allocated for girls and Rs 1,500 for boys per month, sustained for a duration of two years. This support extends to subsequent births, ensuring continued assistance for growing families.

Aghosh Program Registration Online 2024 Through NSER Survey

To participate in the program, individuals can register and apply for financial aid, undergo necessary checkups, and obtain an Aghosh program card for access to free medicines. By empowering women with financial resources and healthcare support, the Aghosh program strives to promote maternal and child health, fostering a brighter future for families across Pakistan.

Aghosh Program Registration

The Aghosh program registration offers pregnant women a golden opportunity to access financial assistance and essential healthcare benefits. By registering, women can avail themselves of free check-ups and medicines, along with a monthly stipend of two thousand rupees. Financial aid ranging from 1500 to 2000 rupees will also be provided upon childbirth, ensuring continued support for growing families.

Notably, pregnant women will receive unprecedented financial assistance of 36 thousand rupees, aimed at ensuring their well-being and promoting healthy childbirth. Registration involves visiting the Aghosh program office, where women will undergo check-ups conducted by female staff, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment throughout the process.

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Aghosh Program Registration via NSER Survey

Recognizing the need for broader access, the Aghosh program introduces registration through the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) office, leveraging the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) survey. This nationwide initiative ensures that all eligible individuals, regardless of district or tehsil, can benefit from the program’s support.

To register, individuals are encouraged to visit their nearest BISP office to undergo the NSER survey, which gathers comprehensive information on household affairs and financial status. Following the survey, participants will undergo a medical examination as part of the registration process for the Aghosh program.

Upon successful registration, participants will receive a dedicated card, enabling monthly financial assistance, free check-ups, and access to essential medicines. This streamlined approach enhances accessibility and ensures that pregnant women across Pakistan receive the support they need for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

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