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Ahsaas Rashan Program Portal Online Check Eligibility – Apply

Ahsaas Rashan Program

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has introduced the biggest aid plan in the country called the “Ahsaas Rashan Program.” This initiative aims to provide help to a large number of people. Through this program, those in need will get support for buying important food items for their homes. The program’s name is in the local language, which means “Feeling Food Program.”

The plan is significant as it will provide 53% of the country’s people with discounts on important food things. This aid package, totaling 120 billion, is quite substantial. The main idea is to give assistance to those who might find it tough to afford basic food supplies.

When the Ahsaas Rashan Program begins, around 130 million people in the country will receive a 40% discount on three main items: cooking oil or ghee, flour, and pulses. These are common foods used in most households. By providing discounts on these essentials, the government aims to make them more affordable for everyone.

This Rashan program falls under the larger Ehsaas Program, which is the government’s main financial support effort. This shows the government’s commitment to helping its citizens, particularly those facing financial challenges. The Ahsaas Rashan Program is a part of this broader initiative and focuses on ensuring that people have access to the food they need for a healthier and better life.

In short, the Ahsaas Rashan Program is a big effort by the government of Pakistan to assist people with their food needs. It’s part of the bigger Ahsaas Program that aims to support the people in various ways, especially when it comes to their financial well-being and basic necessities like food.

Ahsaas Rashan Program Portal Online Check Eligibility - Apply

Ahsaas Rashan Portal

To access support through the Ahsaas Rashan Program in Punjab, Pakistan, use your device to visit the website: This site is created to aid people in Punjab who are enrolled in the Ahsaas Rashan program. It’s a place where you can find important information and assistance related to this program.

The Ahsaas Rashan Program is a helpful initiative by the government to provide support to people in need, specifically in the Punjab region. If you’re a part of this program, you can use the mentioned website to access resources and get information about the benefits available to you.

The website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. By going to the provided web address, you can use your device, which could be a computer, tablet, or smartphone, to reach the portal. This portal is like a virtual doorway that connects you to the assistance you require.

Once you’re on the website, you can expect to find details about how the Ahsaas Rashan Program works, what benefits it provides, and how you can make the most of it. Whether you need to know about the application process, the documents required, or how to receive the aid, you’ll find all this information conveniently available on the website.

By offering this online portal, the government is striving to make it easier for eligible individuals to access the benefits of the Ahsaas Rashan Program. You won’t need to visit offices or stand in long queues; instead, you can navigate the website from the comfort of your own home.

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8123 Ahsaas Rashan Program Web Portal

The 8123 Ahsaas Rashan Program Web Portal helps you see if you can get help from the Ehsaas Rashan program. Here’s how:

Go to the Website:

  • Use your device to visit this website: It’s there to assist people in Punjab, Pakistan, who are part of the Ehsaas Rashan program.

Check Your Application:

  • On the website, find where it says if your application is okay. It might be “Ehsaas Rashan Program Status Check.”

Put in Your ID:

  • Type in your ID card number (CNIC) carefully. Make sure it’s right.

Click “Track” or “Check Status”:

  • After your ID, press the “Track” or “Check Status” button. This starts checking your application.

See Your Application:

  • Wait a bit for the website to work. Soon, it’ll show how your Ehsaas Rashan application is doing.

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Ahsaas Rashan Program Online Registration

The Ahsaas Rashan Program Online Registration is open again for Ehsaas Rashan Gharana. If your family earns less than Rs. 50,000 monthly, you can register via SMS at 8171 (For ehsaas ration program CNIC Check Online Status). Make sure your mobile SIM is in your name.

Households with income under Rs. 50,000 can also use the Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Check via 8123 SMS service for Ehsaas ration Subsidy. You need to complete your NSER Survey to register your household.

This program aims to provide accurate financial aid to eligible ehsaas beneficiaries for buying household items at discounted rates from registered Karyana Stores (Dukan) using digital transactions.


What are the benefits of Ehsaas Rashan?

  • Ehsaas Rashan Riayat is an efficient technology-led subsidy program. It aids low-income families by providing a monthly subsidy of PKR 2,000 per family. This subsidy applies to specific essential food items like wheat flour, oil/ghee, and pulses.

How can I get registered in the Ehsaas Rashan Program?

  • If your family is already registered via NADRA or Ehsaas Survey, use the new SMS code “8123” to enroll in the program.

How do I check my Ehsaas Rashan payment status?

  • Enter your CNIC and phone number on the Ehsaas Rashan program’s web portal to see your payment status.

What’s the CNIC code for the Ehsaas Rashan program?

  • The code is “8123.” To register for Ehsaas Rashan, send your CNIC to 8123.

How can I register online for Ehsaas Rashan Program?

  • You can register by visiting the government portal and providing your ID card and number. Alternatively, message 8123 with your ID card and phone number.

How can I check my Ehsaas Rashan program status via SMS?

  • Use the SMS code “8123” for Ehsaas Rashan Program. Former PM Imran Khan initiated this to help the deserving and poor. PM Mian Shahbaz Sharif also introduced an online portal.

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