BEEF Scholarships 14000 for Matric to MS Level [2024]

BEEF Announces 14000 Scholarships

BEEF Scholarship: Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) has recently announced a fantastic opportunity for students in Balochistan, unveiling 14,000 scholarships across various academic levels. These scholarships cater to students enrolled in Matric, DAE, Inter, BS, MBBS, MA, MSc, and MS classes. What’s even more exciting is that BEEF is offering partially funded scholarships in different categories, such as Provincial Open Merit Scholarships (POMS), District Open Merit Scholarships (DOMS), Institutional Open Merit Scholarships (IOMS), and Special Quota Open Merit Scholarships.

For students aspiring to benefit from these scholarships, it’s crucial to note that BEEF is keen on inclusivity, striving to provide maximum opportunities to students from every district in Balochistan. To achieve this, the allocation of slots is based on soft data collected from result gazettes of BBISE/FBISE. Each district, except Quetta, has 40 slots, while Quetta is allocated 70 slots due to its larger population and numerous educational institutions. This inclusive approach extends to cover all 34 districts, an increase from the initial 32.

BEEF Scholarships 14000 for Matric to MS Level [2024]

Moreover, BEEF has set aside 25 slots for each subject/discipline of BS/Professional degree programs, emphasizing a diverse range of educational fields. To qualify for these scholarships, students must have achieved a minimum of 60% marks or a 3.0 out of 4.0 CGPA. However, for those applying under the Special Quota Scholarship for Extremely Vulnerable Individuals, the minimum requirement is 45% marks or a 2.5 out of 4.0 CGPA.

Attendance is another key factor, with a minimum of 75% attendance being a prerequisite for eligibility. This ensures that students not only excel academically but also actively engage in their educational journey. The BEEF Partially Funded Scholarships thus present a golden opportunity for Balochistan-based educational institution students to pursue their academic dreams with financial support, fostering a brighter future for the youth of the region.

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Eligibility Criteria for BEEF Scholarships [2024]

To be eligible for the BEEF Scholarships, applicants need to meet specific criteria outlined by the program:

  • Academic Performance: Achieve a minimum of 60% marks in the last examinations or maintain a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0.
  • Special Quota Scholarship: For the Special Quota Scholarship designated for extremely vulnerable individuals, a minimum of 45% marks or a GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 is required.
  • Enrollment Status: Students must be enrolled in a full-time capacity as regular students in their respective institutions.
  • Exclusions: Applicants who are marks/division improvers, those who have failed in any subject, and those who have passed with grace marks are not eligible to apply for the BEEF scholarship.
  • Non-eligibility for Other Scholarships: Students currently benefiting from any other scholarship are not eligible to apply for the BEEF scholarship.

To streamline the application process and facilitate students, BEEF has designed a unified application form applicable to all categories. However, applicants are strongly advised to carefully read and adhere to the instructions provided on the back of the form. Incomplete forms will not be considered during the selection process.

Applicants must provide accurate and genuine information. If any discrepancies or fake documents are identified, not only will the scholarship be discontinued, but legal actions may also be initiated. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity throughout the application process, ensuring a fair and honest evaluation of each applicant’s eligibility for the BEEF Scholarships.

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BEEF Scholarship Stipend:

The BEEF scholarship stipend rates for different education levels, effective from the fiscal year 2019-20 onwards, are detailed as follows:

Matric & Equivalent:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @1000
  • Annual stipend: @12000 for each student.

Intermediate & Equivalent:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @1500
  • Annual stipend: @24000 for each student.

Technical Education Covering Diploma Of Associate Engineering (DAE) Of 3 Years Program:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @1500
  • Annual stipend: @24000 for each student.

BS or Equivalent Program of 1-4/5 Years:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @5000
  • Annual stipend: @60000 for each student.

Master or Equivalent Program of 2 Years/4 Semesters:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @5000
  • Annual stipend: @60000 for each student.

MS/MPhil for Coursework Completion Only:

  • Monthly scholarship stipend: @5000
  • Annual stipend: @60000 for each student.

These stipend rates reflect BEEF’s commitment to supporting students across various educational levels. Whether pursuing matriculation, intermediate studies, technical education like a 3-year Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE), bachelor’s programs (BS or equivalent), master’s programs (2 years/4 semesters), or MS/MPhil coursework completion, the scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to students. Recipients need to be aware of these stipend rates, as they contribute significantly to the overall support provided by BEEF, enabling students to focus on their education without the burden of financial constraints.

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BEEF Scholarships Application Form

The application form for the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund Scholarships for the 2023 session is accessible on the official website. To download the form, simply click on the following link: BEEF Scholarships Application Form 2024.

BEEF Scholarships 14000 for Matric to MS Level [2024]

Applying for BEEF Scholarship: Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for BEEF Scholarships in Categories A and B (DOMS and IOMS), the process involves submitting applications through the head of the institution via postal mail. Application forms, accompanied by detailed instructions, are provided to the heads of institutions or designated focal persons. Additionally, the scholarship form is available for download on the BEEF website.

Applicants are required to compile the following documents and submit them along with the scholarship application form:

  • Copy of the DMC/Semester/Class result attested by the head of the institute or focal person.
  • Copy of CNIC/B-form or smart card of the student.
  • Copy of CNIC of the father/guardian.
  • Copy of Local Domicile.
  • Certificate of Disability, if applicable.
  • Computerized copy of payslips of children of BS-16 employees.
  • Required documents specific to relevant categories (e.g., death certificate of the father for orphans, certificate of religion for minorities, etc.).

It is important to note that applications for these scholarships are to be submitted through the institutional hierarchy. The emphasis on proper documentation ensures a thorough and accurate evaluation process. For further clarity on the application process, applicants can refer to the instructions provided with the application form or visit the official BEEF website.

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