BISP E-kacheri Online Question Answer Program | فیس بک لائیو ای-کچہری

BISP Live E-kacheri 2024

BISP E-kacheri The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) recently held a special event on Facebook called E-Katchehri. It was like a live courtroom where people could share their problems and get immediate help.

The head of BISP, Amer Ali Ahmad, listened carefully to the problems shared by people from all over the country. Many people participated, showing how important this program is to them. The good news is that most of the problems were solved right there during the event, showing that BISP is working hard to give quick service.

For the few remaining issues that needed more time, the head of BISP made sure that the right people were informed to solve them within just three hours! After three hours, they had another meeting to check if everything was sorted out. All the bosses from different areas were there and they told the head of BISP about the steps they took to fix the remaining problems.

This Facebook E-Katchehri was a great success, and it proves that BISP cares about the people it helps. They want to hear their voices and fix their problems as fast as they can. BISP’s mission is to support and uplift those who need it most in the country.

BISP E-kacheri Online Question Answer Program | فیس بک لائیو ای-کچہری

Main Purpose of this Live BISP E-kacheri Session

Today, there’s a special live session on Facebook with Shazia Marri, who is the Secretary of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). The main reason for this session is to let people who use BISP talk directly to the Secretary and get help with their problems in the program.

BISP is a program that gives money to very poor people all over Pakistan. It aims to help those who are struggling and finding it hard to live a good life. This program wants to reduce poverty and make life better for these needy individuals.

During the live Facebook event, anyone who uses BISP can join and ask questions directly to the Secretary. They can share the problems they are facing while using BISP and get advice and solutions. Shazia Marri will be there to listen carefully and do her best to help.

The main idea of having this Facebook session is to make sure that BISP listens to the people it supports. It wants to understand their concerns and find ways to fix any issues quickly. This way, BISP can be more open and effective in helping those who need it the most.

In the end, the main goal of this live Facebook session is to make BISP even better for the people who depend on it. By hearing from the users directly, BISP aims to keep making a positive difference in the lives of those who are going through tough times.

Join BISP Q&A E-kacheri Session Online

If you want to be a part of the live Q&A session by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), here’s how you can do it easily:

  1. Use your Facebook ID: Make sure you have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can create a new account for free. Log in to your Facebook account using your ID and password.
  2. Visit the official BISP Facebook page: Once you are logged in, go to the Facebook page of the Benazir Income Support Program. The page name is “”
  3. Look for the live session: On the BISP Facebook page, look for the ongoing live session or the announcement for the upcoming Q&A event. It will likely be a post or a video mentioning the date and time of the session.
  4. Participate and ask your questions: When the live session starts, you can actively participate by typing your questions or concerns in the comments section of the live video. The Secretary of BISP or the designated representative will try to address as many questions as possible during the session.

If you need help or have questions outside the live session, you can contact BISP helpline number:

Contact Number for BISP Live Question and Answer: Phone: 051-9246421

By following these steps and using the contact number, you can be a part of the BISP Q&A session and get the help and answers you need. BISP cares about its beneficiaries and wants to support them, so don’t hesitate to join the live session and reach out for assistance.

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