BISP Registration Process [2023-24] – Benazir Dynamic Registry

BISP 8171 Dynamic Survey 2023-24 Online Registration

BISP Registration – The government of Pakistan has introduced an online bisp registration system called the BISP Dynamic Survey. This system allows new families to register who were not included before. The aim is to include more eligible families in the program and conduct surveys all over the country. Families have until 2023-24 to complete their registration. The BISP Dynamic Survey is a better and more accurate way to register compared to the NSER service.

Families waiting for a response can go to the BISP Digital Service Centers in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to complete their registration. These centers are available in every district of Kashmir, so families from all areas can easily register.

The government wants to make sure that deserving families can register easily. They are using Online BISP Registration and setting up digital service centers to make the process smooth and accessible for everyone. This shows that the government cares about helping more people and expanding social support programs in Pakistan.

BISP Registration Process [2023-24] - Benazir Dynamic Registry

BISP Dynamic Survey 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) helps deserving people in Pakistan through different programs like BISP Kafalat, 8171 Ehsaas, Ehsaas Rashan, and more. To join these programs, people need to complete the BISP dynamic survey.

Many people are waiting to be included in the BISP program through the dynamic survey. Once the survey is finished, their eligibility will be updated.

Here are some things that determine if someone can register for the BISP program:

  1. Daily wagers or jobless individuals: People who rely on daily wages or don’t have a job.
  2. Number of dependent family members: How many family members depend on them?
  3. Living in a rented house: People who live in houses they rent.
  4. Not owning a car or any vehicle: People who don’t have their own car or vehicle.
  5. Poverty score of the household: The household’s poverty score should be 20% or lower.
  6. Widow females: Women who have lost their husbands.
  7. Unmarried elderly females: Older women who are not married.

If someone meets these criteria, they can register for the BISP 8171 program and receive benefits from different schemes under the Benazir Income Support.

Benazir Dynamic Registry BISP 8171 Registration [2023-24]

The dynamic survey is a digital survey that makes it easier to register and reduces mistakes. It started in April 2023 to fix the problems of the old Ehsaas survey, which didn’t register some families who should have been eligible. In the new BISP survey for 2023-24, low-income families have a chance to be considered eligible. The survey checks the poverty score automatically based on the things a household owns.

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It’s important to know that government employees, business professionals, and rich people can’t apply. You’ll get a message about whether you’re eligible or not through the 8171 SMS service. All the families registered in the old NSER survey will be checked again in the dynamic survey. Also, the new survey will check online if previous Ehsaas program beneficiaries are still eligible.

Required Documents:

To participate in the BISP Dynamic Survey, you need to bring the following documents to the BISP center:

  • The original identity card of your spouse.
  • The original B-form of your children.
  • Household electricity and gas bills.

There are specific requirements for certain circumstances. In the case of a widow, it is necessary to update the widow’s identity card from NADRA after the husband’s death. Similarly, in the event of a woman’s divorce, her NADRA-related identity card should be updated. If any individual is unable to visit the center due to disability, a mandatory disability ID card must be provided.

These measures are being implemented to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the registration process, while also providing an opportunity for eligible low-income families to benefit from the BISP program.

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