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BISP Waseela E Taleem Program 2024 Online Apply through App

BISP Waseela E Taleem Program

BISP Waseela E Taleem Program is a special project started by the government to help deserving students with their education. Students who attend school regularly can get financial support every three months. But in the past, there were some problems with how the money was given out, which made it hard for the people in charge of the program.

To fix these issues and make things easier, the government came up with a reliable system. They made an Android app for collecting information about attendance and giving out stipends. This app is smart because it can also add the location of the person collecting the data, which helps prevent any fake information from being submitted.

Before, people had to fill out a form, get it verified by their school, and then send it to the BISP Tehsil Office to get the scholarship for their kids. This caused a lot of problems for many folks. To make things simpler, the government launched an online system. Now, parents can apply for education scholarships for their children right from their homes.

This whole initiative is called the Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program. It’s a big step taken by the Pakistani government to give a chance at education to kids who need it the most.

BISP Waseela E Taleem Program 2023 Online Apply through App

Main Purpose of Ehsaas Waseela E Taleem Program

The BISP Waseela E Taleem Program has a clever system that helps them keep a close eye on things in real time. Here are some cool features it has:

  1. Geotagging Location: The system can mark the exact location of the surveyors when they collect information. This way, they can know where the data is coming from and make sure it’s genuine.
  2. Photos for Authenticity: To be extra sure that everything is real, the system takes pictures of the schools and their head teachers. This helps verify the data and makes sure no one is trying to trick the system.
  3. Tracking Class Changes: If a student moves up or down a class, the system keeps track of it. So if someone gets promoted or demoted, the system knows and adjusts the information accordingly.

This system is super helpful! In just the first quarter of 2017, they were able to mark the attendance of a whopping 1.2 million students. Now, BISP has a great working model that they can use for other things too. They want to use this model in a new project called Micro Supply Capacity Assessment (MSCA). With this system, they can keep things in check and make sure everything is running smoothly in all their projects.

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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Wasila Education Program and receive free education for your family members, you need to meet certain conditions:

  1. Family Income: If your family’s income is 12,000 or less, you can be part of this program.
  2. Land Ownership: Your family should own land or assets equivalent to 1 million or less. If it’s more than this, your children won’t be eligible for the program.
  3. Private College/University: No family member should currently be studying or have studied in a private college or university.
  4. Government Employment: Your family should not have any member who is employed by the Government of Pakistan.
  5. Age of Head of Household: The age of the head of the household (usually the parents) should be between 18 years and above.
  6. Criminal Activity: The head of the household should not be involved in any criminal activity.

If you fulfill these criteria, you and your family members can benefit from the Wasila Education Program and access free education to build a better future.

BISP Waseela E Taleem Program 2023 Online Apply through App

BISP Waseela-e-Taleem App

The BISP Waseela-e-Taleem App is an amazing opportunity for 1.5 million children to get a good education, especially those living in villages.

The main purpose of this special program is to help children from poor families who face tough economic challenges. Without this support, some kids might have to start working instead of going to school when they are very young.

The Ehsaas Waseela program is all about education and it’s specially designed to assist children from low-income families in Pakistan. These kids receive financial help to cover their monthly expenses and buy important books for their studies.

Education is incredibly important, especially in a country like Pakistan with high poverty rates. Sadly, many children cannot afford to go to school, but this program is determined to change that and give them a chance.

Registering for the Benazir Taleem Program is now easy and hassle-free. Parents can register their children online using the Waseela Taleem app. It’s as simple as going to the Google Store on their mobile phones and downloading the app. With the app’s help, the registration process becomes quick and convenient.

By using the BISP Waseela-e-Taleem App, parents are taking a big step towards securing a brighter future for their children. This app opens doors to education and empowers kids to build a better life for themselves. For those interested, you can download the app from the link below and start your journey towards a better future for your child.

Download Now

BISP Waseela E Taleem Program Registration Method

The government of Pakistan has made it easy for parents to register for educational scholarships for their children through a special application. You can do it right from the comfort of your home. Here’s how:

1: Download the App First, you need to download the special app. You can find the link to download it below.

2: Click on Register Open the app and click on the “Register” button.

3: Enter Your Details Now, you have to enter some important details:

  • Your mother’s ID card number and her name
  • The phone number of the SIM card in your mobile
  • Create a password that you can remember

4: Click on Register Again Once you’ve entered all the information, click on the “Register” button again.

5: Select Your Province The app will ask you to select your province from a list. Choose the one you live in.

6: Wait for Confirmation After you complete the registration, you will receive a message after a few days confirming that you have been successfully registered in the educational resource.

Remember: To continue receiving the scholarship payments, make sure you maintain your attendance at school above 70%. This way, you can benefit from the program and support your education journey.

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