CTD Jobs Punjab Police in Pakistan for Males & Female’s [2024]

CTD Jobs Advertisement 2024

CTD Jobs – If you’re someone with a strong sense of duty and a desire to combat terrorism, here’s an opportunity you might want to consider. The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Pakistan is on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join their team. Established in 1995, the CTD has been instrumental in fostering a safer environment by combating crime and terrorism within the nation.

The role they are advertising is not just a job; it’s a call to serve the nation. If you possess the courage and determination to contribute towards a safer Pakistan, irrespective of the challenges, then this might be your chance. The CTD emphasizes that they need individuals who are not only intelligent but also physically fit, as the demands of the role require both mental acumen and physical prowess.

The vacancies are open to candidates from various cities, including Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, and other parts of Pakistan. This broad scope ensures that talent from across the nation can come forward and be part of this crucial mission.

For those considering applying, it’s essential to meet certain criteria. The minimum educational qualification required is graduation. This ensures that candidates have a foundational level of education to understand the complexities of the role and contribute effectively to the department’s objectives.

If you’re ready to step up and make a meaningful difference by working alongside seasoned professionals in the realm of counter-terrorism, then the CTD encourages you to apply. The application process is streamlined, allowing interested candidates to apply online through the department’s official website.

CTD Jobs Punjab Police in Pakistan for Males & Female's [2024]

Counter Terrorism Department Details:

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Pakistan has a long history of working hard to fight terrorism and keep people safe. It started its journey in 1995 under the name Criminal Investigation Department. But in 2010, it got a new name and became the CTD, focusing even more on stopping terrorism within Pakistan.

Over the years, the CTD has grown a lot. It started small but now has many regional offices all over the country. The main goal has always stayed the same: to stop terrorism and get rid of crimes that harm the country’s growth and the happiness of its people. This growth shows how important the CTD has become in dealing with tough security issues.

The CTD has built a strong team with over 1200 trained officers. These officers get the best training, similar to what armed forces receive. This training helps them handle many dangerous situations, like tackling terrorist groups or stopping complex criminal activities.

A big part of the CTD’s job is to investigate and stop terrorist activities and other crimes. They work hard to keep peace and order in Pakistan. Every time they investigate a case, it shows how committed they are to keeping the country safe and protecting its people.

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Available CTD Jobs Positions (2024)

Punjab Police CTD Jobs – Lots of jobs are available right now, and they cover different areas that might interest you.

  • Assistant Technical Officer Mechanical: This job helps with fixing and maintaining machines to make sure they work well.
  • Psychologist: Someone in this job helps people with their feelings and mental health.
  • Technical Officer System Engineer: People in this role look after computer systems to keep them running smoothly.
  • Technical Officer Forensic Explosives: This person deals with studying explosive materials to help solve cases involving explosives.
  • Technical Officer Security Analyst: People here check and make sure places are safe from threats, like hackers.
  • Inspector Legal: This job is about making sure everything the organization does follows the law.
  • Technical Officer Hacking: This role is all about understanding how hackers work and making sure systems are safe from them.
  • Technical Officer Network Security: People in this job make sure computer networks are secure and work well.
  • Assistant Technical Officer Hardware Technician: This job involves helping with computer hardware, like fixing and setting up equipment.
  • Technical Officer: This is a general job that can cover various tasks based on what the organization needs.
  • Corporal: This is a supervisory role where someone oversees tasks and ensures everything runs well.
  • Assistant Technical Officer Software Developer: People here help create and fix software applications.
  • Assistant Technical Officer System Engineer: This role supports the main system engineer by helping with tasks.
  • Assistant Technical Officer Electrical: This job involves helping with electrical tasks, making sure everything electrical works properly.
  • Technical Officer Cybercrime: This role focuses on investigating and stopping online crimes to keep data safe.
  • Assistant Database Administrator: This job helps manage databases, making sure data is stored and used correctly.
  • Assistant Technical Officer Analyst Associate: People in this role analyze data to provide useful information for decision-making.
  • Assistant Technical Officer Oracle Developer: This job helps in developing and managing Oracle databases.
  • Technical Officer Software Developer: This role focuses on creating and maintaining software programs.
  • Assistant Director: This leadership role oversees specific areas or projects, ensuring things go as planned.

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CTD Jobs Salary & Benefits:

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Pakistan is like a strong shield that protects the country and its people. The CTD knows its team members work hard, so they make sure to take care of them and their families. Here are some ways they help:

  • Injury Compensation: If someone gets hurt while doing their job, the CTD makes sure they get the money they need for medical care. This helps them focus on getting better without worrying about money.
  • Immediate Relief for Martyr’s Family: If someone sadly loses their life while working for the CTD, the department gives money to their family right away. This helps the family during sad times.
  • Medical Care: The CTD gives its team and their families good healthcare benefits. This means they can see doctors and get treatments when they need them, without paying a lot of money.
  • Retirement Plan: When team members decide to retire after many years of service, the CTD has a plan to give them money regularly. This helps them live comfortably even after they stop working.
  • Marriage Grant: When someone in the team gets married, the CTD gives them some money to celebrate. This shows that the department cares about its milestones.
  • Free Education for Children: The CTD believes in the power of education. So, they offer free schooling for the children of their team members. This helps the kids learn and grow without worrying about school fees.
  • Maintenance Allowance: To help with everyday expenses like food and housing, the CTD gives an extra allowance to its team members. This ensures they can focus on their work without stress.
  • Legal Aid: If someone needs legal help, maybe because of their job, the CTD steps in. They offer support and resources to make sure their team gets the legal assistance they need.

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How to Apply Online for CTD Jobs in 2024?

CTD Jobs Punjab Police in Pakistan for Males & Female's [2024]

CTD Jobs in Pakistan – Applying for a job with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) is simple when you know the steps. Here’s an easy guide to help you:

  • Go to the Website: First, go to the official CTD website where they list job openings. Look for a button that says “Apply Here” and click on it.
  • Complete the Form: Once you click “Apply Here,” a form will pop up on your screen. Fill in all the details carefully. Check everything twice to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.
  • Add Important Papers: With your filled form, you need to attach some papers. These are copies of your school or college certificates, your CNIC (it’s like an ID card), and your Domicile certificate. Make sure these copies are clear and easy to read.
  • Send Your Form: After you’ve filled out the form and attached the papers, send it to the website. This means your application is now in their system, and you’ve finished the first part.
  • Wait for a Call: If you’re a good fit for the job, someone from CTD will call you to confirm details and tell you what to do next.
  • Take a Physical Test: After the call, you might have to take a physical test. This is to check if you’re fit enough for the job.
  • Get a Health Check: If you pass the physical test, you’ll need to visit a doctor for a health check-up. They want to make sure you’re healthy and ready for the job.
  • Face an Interview: After all the tests, you’ll have an interview. Here, CTD will talk to you to see if you’re the right person for the job based on your skills and experience.

In summary, to join the CTD team, visit their website, fill in a form, attach some papers, and then go through tests and an interview. Just make sure you do everything right, and you’ll have a good chance to work with the Counter-Terrorism Department.

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