Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2024 Application Form Online Apply

Dalda Foundation Scholarship Program

Dalda Foundation Scholarship for 2024 is a fantastic chance for students in Pakistan who have money problems but still want to study more. This scholarship doesn’t care if you’re a boy or a girl; everyone can apply for it. It’s for students in intermediate programs (FA/FSc), and also for those who finished their matriculation studies.

In Pakistan, the cost of education has gone up a lot because things are more expensive now. This makes it really hard for families who don’t have a lot of money to pay for school and college. Many talented students who could do really well in their studies don’t get the chance because they can’t afford it. But the Dalda Foundation is here to give hope to students who don’t have much. They give scholarships to help these students.

It’s important to know that even though some places in Pakistan, like Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan, are getting better at teaching people to read and write, other places like Sindh are having a harder time. Karachi is a city in Pakistan where most people know how to read and write. But still, many people in Pakistan can’t read or write because they’re poor, schools aren’t very good, there aren’t enough schools, and some teachers aren’t very good at teaching. The way they test students also needs to be improved.

So, don’t miss this great chance to keep studying without worrying about paying for it. The Dalda Foundation is a non-profit group that wants to help students in Pakistan by giving them scholarships and other things they need to learn. To get all the details, read the article below carefully so you don’t miss anything important.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2023 Application Form Online Apply

Benefits of the Dalda Scholarship:

  1. Financial Coverage: The Dalda Foundation Scholarships take care of your educational expenses. This means that if you do well in your studies, they will cover your school or college fees. So, you don’t have to worry about paying for your education if you perform well academically.
  2. A Solution for Financial Challenges: If you or your family have financial difficulties and you dream of pursuing higher education, this scholarship can be your solution. It helps students who may not have enough money to afford further studies.
  3. Equal Opportunities: The Dalda Foundation believes that everyone deserves an equal chance at education. By covering your educational costs, it removes financial barriers that might otherwise hold you back from getting an education.
  4. Support for Aspiring Students: This scholarship program recognizes students who are ambitious and eager to learn. It offers a helping hand to those who want to climb the ladder of success through education.
  5. Promising Future: By helping students with their degree or diploma programs, the Dalda Foundation is making the future look brighter for the younger generation. It gives you the chance to follow your dreams and reach your goals without worrying about how much education costs.

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In summary, the Dalda Foundation Scholarships don’t just make it easier for students and their families to afford education; they also help individuals have a better future. So, if you’re a student who doesn’t have much money and you’re determined to do well in your studies, this scholarship could be your way to success. It makes sure that everyone can access good education.

Eligibility Criteria for the Dalda Scholarship

  • School Boards: Students from the Karachi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or the Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education who are enrolling in the 1st year of college can apply.
  • Private College Students: Even if you attend a private college, you can still submit a scholarship application through the proper process to the Dalda Foundation Trust.
  • Eligible Programs: This scholarship is available for students enrolling in various programs in the education session 2021-2022. These programs include Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, commerce, general science, Arts and home economics, DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineering), and ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science).
  • All Pakistan Residents: Students who are permanent residents of Pakistan, no matter where they live within the country, can apply for the scholarship.
  • Age Limit: Applicants should be no older than 18 years as of November 15, 2022.
  • Parental Income: The monthly income of the applicant’s parents should not exceed 20,000 Pakistani Rupees.
  • House Size: The applicant’s home should not be larger than 1080 square feet. This requirement doesn’t apply to candidates living in villages.
  • O-Level Candidates: Students who have completed O-levels can also submit scholarship applications.
  • Education Boards: If you have completed your Matriculation from any government board in Pakistan, such as Bise Punjab, Karachi, Fbise, or any other government board, you can apply for the scholarship if you meet the following marks criteria.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2023 Application Form Online Apply

These eligibility criteria are in place to ensure that students who genuinely need financial assistance to continue their education have access to the Dalda Scholarship. It’s meant to support a wide range of students pursuing various educational paths, from science and engineering to the arts and commerce. If you meet these criteria, you should consider applying for this valuable scholarship opportunity.

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Required Percentage of Marks

To be eligible for the Dalda Scholarship, you need to get good grades in your previous school or college studies. Here’s what you should aim for in different subjects:

  1. Pre Engineering: If you’re studying Pre-Engineering, try to score 80% or more in your previous exams.
  2. Pre Medical: Pre-Medical students should also aim for 80% or higher in their past studies.
  3. General Science: If you’re in the General Science stream, it’s important to have achieved 80% or more in your earlier academic records.
  4. Commerce: For Commerce students, aim for a minimum of 75% or higher in your previous educational results.
  5. ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science): If you’re pursuing ICS, target a score of 70% or more in your previous studies.
  6. Arts: For students in the Arts stream, aim to have scored at least 70% or higher in your earlier academic performance.
  7. Home Economics: Home Economics students should aim for 70% or more in their previous educational records.
  8. DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineering): DAE students should also strive for a minimum of 70% or higher in their earlier academic qualifications.

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Maintaining Your Scholarship

The Dalda Scholarship program has a plan that explains what students need to do to keep their scholarship as they move through their education:

  • First Year of College: In your first year of college, you should have scored at least 80% if you’re studying pre-medical or pre-engineering, 75% if you’re in commerce, and 70% if you’re pursuing home economics during your earlier exams.
  • Second Year of College: When you reach your second year of college, these requirements stay the same. You need to maintain those percentages – 80% for pre-medical and pre-engineering, 75% for commerce, and 70% for home economics in your XI exams.
  • First Year of Professional College: If you go on to a professional college after that, like a medical or engineering college, you should have still achieved at least 80% for pre-medical and pre-engineering, 75% for commerce, and 70% for home economics during your XII exams. Also, you need to be admitted to a professional college in your chosen field.
  • Second Year of Professional College: To keep your scholarship in the second year of professional college, you should have successfully completed the first year of your professional college program.
  • Third Year of Professional College: To continue into the third year of your professional college, you need to have finished your second year.
  • Fourth Year of Professional College: In the fourth year of professional college, you should have completed the third year to maintain your scholarship.
  • Fifth Year of Professional College: For those studying advanced programs like MBBS, BDS, D-pharm, DPT, or DVM, keeping the scholarship means successfully completing the fourth year of your program.

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This plan is there to make sure that students not only start well but also continue to do well in their studies as they progress through college and professional education. It encourages students to stay dedicated to their studies and helps them reach their educational and career goals. The Dalda Scholarship program not only offers financial help initially but also supports students throughout their educational journey, making quality education accessible to talented and deserving individuals.

Required Documents for Dalda Scholarships

To be considered for the Dalda Scholarships, you must provide specific documents with your application. These documents are incredibly important, and without them, you might not qualify for the scholarship. Here’s what you need to include:

  • Matriculation Mark Sheet: This is like your academic report, showing how well you did in your previous studies. It helps the scholarship committee understand your educational background.
  • Identification: You need to prove that you are who you say you are. You can do this by showing your identity card (CNIC) or your birth certificate.
  • Guardian’s Income Proof: To figure out if you need financial help, the scholarship committee needs to know how much money your family makes. You’ll need to provide proof of your guardian’s salary or income.
  • Applicant’s Address: Including your current address is also essential. This way, the scholarship committee can reach you, and they can check if you meet any location-based criteria.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2023 Application Form Online Apply

Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2024 Online Apply

Applying for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship is straightforward and accessible through their website at Let’s break down the process step by step:

  • Start Online: To begin your journey towards the Dalda Foundation Scholarship, the first thing you need to do is visit their official website. They’ve made it easy by putting the entire application process online, making it accessible to all students.
  • Fill in the Form: On their website, you’ll find an application form with different sections. It’s crucial to complete each part with care, ensuring that you provide all the necessary details accurately. Take your time and double-check your entries to avoid mistakes.
  • Don’t Miss the Deadline: Pay close attention to the deadline for submitting your application. For the 2024 Dalda scholarship, the final date for submission is November 15, 2022. Missing this deadline could mean your application won’t be considered, so be sure to send it in well before the closing date.
  • Be Punctual: Timeliness is crucial. Make sure your application is submitted on time. Late applications are usually not accepted, so ensure that your submission reaches the scholarship committee before the deadline expires.
  • Interview and Assessment: If you make it to the shortlist, you and your parents may be invited for interviews and assessments. These meetings are intended to get to know you better and evaluate your suitability for the scholarship.
  • Assessment Outcome: Candidates who successfully pass the assessment stage are considered for the scholarship. Failing the assessment doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t receive the scholarship; it might indicate that you don’t meet specific criteria or requirements.

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