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Ehsaas Langar Program Online Registration – Langar Khana Scheme

Ehsaas Langar Program

The Government of Pakistan started the Ehsaas Langar Program to create Feeding centers called langar khanas across the country. These langar khanas help the most vulnerable people in society, like daily wage workers and those who can’t afford to buy food. In just two years, they’ve opened 112 Ehsaas Langar centers in different cities.

The main aim of the Ehsaas Langar Khana initiative is to give free meals to the poorest and most disadvantaged people. The government knows that it’s not easy for welfare organizations to set up langar khanas because of problems with organizing and resistance from some groups. So, they’re working together with private partners through a Public-Private Partnership to overcome these challenges.

The first Ehsaas Langar Khana was opened on October 7, 2019, in Islamabad. Every day, around 800 people there get free meals. Since then, they’ve opened 33 langar khanas in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad, thanks to partnerships with the private sector. The government is committed to opening even more Ehsaas langar points to reach and help more people.

Ehsaas Langar Program Online Registration - Langar Khana Scheme

Purpose of Langar Khana Scheme 2024 – Koi Bhoka Na Soye

  • Making sure nobody goes hungry: The scheme provides free meals to people who don’t have homes and those in need all over Pakistan. It wants to make sure that no one is left without food and everyone gets nutritious meals.
  • Fighting hunger, poor nutrition, and poverty: The Langar Khana Scheme wants to reduce hunger, poor nutrition, and poverty among underprivileged communities. By giving free meals, it helps improve the health and well-being of those who can’t afford enough food.
  • Encouraging people to take social responsibility: The scheme motivates individuals to be socially responsible and engage with their communities. By volunteering and participating in the Langar Khana Scheme, people can help alleviate hunger and promote social well-being.
  • Promoting unity and understanding: The scheme aims to bring people from different backgrounds together and promote unity, understanding, and friendship. By sharing meals with each other, individuals can build a sense of community and bridge social gaps.

To achieve these goals, the Langar Khana Scheme sets up “Ehsaas” centers and ATMs (Aashray Centers for Temporary Migration) in different cities across Pakistan. These centers distribute free meals, making sure that vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals have access to nutritious food. By addressing food insecurity, the scheme strives to create a society where everyone’s basic needs are met.

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Langar Program Meal List

The Ehsaas Langar Program offers a variety of healthy meals, which include:

  • Roti: Flatbread made from wheat flour.
  • Rice: A common food item that is often served alongside other dishes.
  • Lentils: Nutritious legumes like daal, which are a good source of protein.
  • Seasonal Vegetables: Fresh vegetables that change based on the time of year. They provide important vitamins and minerals.
  • Meat: Depending on what’s available and people’s dietary customs in different regions, the program may serve chicken or beef as a source of animal protein.

These food items are part of the meal options in the Ehsaas Langar Program, ensuring that individuals receive well-rounded and nutritious meals that meet their dietary requirements.

Timings and Availability:

The Ehsaas Langar Program offers the following timings for meal distribution:

  • Lunchtime: From 12 PM to 2 PM, food is reserved and prepared for distribution.
  • Dinner: Food is served from 6 PM to 8 PM for the evening meal.

However, it’s important to note that the program’s free meal services are available 24 hours a day. This means that individuals can access and eat their meals at any time that is convenient for them within the program’s operational hours.

Ehsaas Langar Program 2024 Online Registration

The Ehsaas Langar Program 2024 does not require online registration. Its purpose is to provide free meals to laborers, daily wage workers, and people who are in need. The government has established Langar Khanas (food centers) near bus stands, hospitals, and other places. Anyone who requires food, regardless of their background or job, can go to the Langar Khana and receive free meals without having to register beforehand. The program aims to make sure that nobody goes hungry and that people can easily access food assistance, no matter where they come from or what they do for a living.

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Download the Ehsaas Langar Program

To find out where the Ehsaas Langar Khanas are located, you can download the Ehsaas app. By installing the app, you will be able to see a list of Langar Khanas and where they are situated. Simply click the button below to download the app and get the information you’re looking for.

Download Now

Apply Through the Ehsaas Langar App

To apply through the Ehsaas Langar App, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Ehsaas Langar App and choose the option “Information About Nearby Ehsaas Langar Khanas.”
  • Select your district from the list to find Langar Khanas near you.
  • In the Langar Khana section, you will see a list of available Langar Khanas. Click on any Langar Khana from the list.
  • On the selected Langar Khana’s page, you will find important information like the name of the organization managing it, meal timings, contact phone number, management details, and the address of the Langar Khana.
  • If you want to find the exact location of the Langar Khana, go back to the app’s home page and choose the “Address of Langar Khana” option. This will open Google Maps with Langar Khana’s location marked.
  • Additionally, the app’s home page has a “Registration of Social Department” option. This section provides information about Ehsaas Panahgahs (shelters) and Langar Khanas, including their facilities.

By following these steps, you can easily use the Ehsaas Langar App to find details about nearby Langar Khanas, such as their locations and how to register for further assistance, if needed.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still find the Langar Khana. They are located near the Bus stand. Simply visit there, and you will find them easily.

For assistance, you can call the helpline at 051-9246326 or the Call Center Number at 0800-26477.

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