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Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 14000 Registration NADRA

Ehsaas Program New Update

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 14000 – The Prime Minister of Pakistan has now introduced the Ehsaas Program 14000, building upon the existing 12000 program. Now, you can easily check your eligibility and receive the benefit online, thanks to the comprehensive guide available here.

The Ehsaas Program is designed to support impoverished and needy women across Pakistan. With the upgraded Ehsaas 14000, eligible women can receive financial assistance within a period of six months. However, to qualify for this aid, it is essential to complete the Ehsaas survey, as this money is exclusively reserved for those who participate in the survey.

The new online system makes the registration and verification process hassle-free, ensuring quicker access to financial aid for deserving women. By visiting the designated website,, you can conveniently check the status of your Ehsaas Kafalat Program Online 2024 by entering your CNIC ID Card Number.

The expansion of the Ehsaas Program to include Ehsaas 14000 reflects the government’s commitment to uplift the most vulnerable segments of society. It aims to alleviate poverty and empower women, enabling them to lead more dignified lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the Ehsaas Program 14000 and contribute to a brighter future for all! Register now and take advantage of this vital support system.

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 14000 Registration NADRA

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Program:

  • Pakistani Citizen: You must be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Low-Income or Poverty: The program supports people with low income or living in poverty.
  • Priority for Women: Women in need are given special consideration.
  • Complete Ehsaas Survey: To qualify, ensure you have filled out the Ehsaas survey.
  • Valid CNIC: You need a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Income Limit: Your income should fall within the program’s defined limit.
  • Social Registry: Be listed in the official Ehsaas Program’s social registry database.

Eligibility Check via SMS

  1. Enter the CNIC number without hyphens
  2. Remove hyphens from your CNIC number.
  3. Send the number to 8171 in an SMS.
  4. You’ll receive a report in response.
  5. Know if you qualify for money or not.

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Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 14000

To see if you can get Rs. 14000 from the Ehsaas Program online, just do this:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Put your form number in the first box.
  3. Type your CNIC number (without hyphens) in the box.
  4. Give your Cell number (the one you use).
  5. Write the letters you see in the picture to complete the captcha.
  6. Click the “Enter” or “Submit” button.

After that, the system will process your info, and you’ll know if you’re eligible for Rs. 14000 or Rs. 12000. It’s easy and quick to check your Ehsaas Program status online!

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online 14000 Registration NADRA

Ehsaas Program 14000 NADRA Registration

  1. Find the nearest registration center in your district or village. Check the list here:
  2. Visit the Ehsaas Registration Center with your CNIC for Ehsaas Program Cnic Check Online 2024. Fill out the Ehsaas “Survey.”
  3. Inform the agent about your income and property details.
  4. You’ll be given a SLIP after the survey.
  5. Once the survey is completed, you’ll be registered in the Ehsaas (NADRA) database. Keep the receipt provided by the Survey Bureau Ehsaas; it contains your details.
  6. In a few days, you’ll receive an SMS notification that the money is available. Visit the Ehsaas center to collect it.

This process ensures your registration in the Ehsaas database, and the SMS will inform you when you can collect the funds.

Receiving SMS and Getting Ehsaas Money:

  1. After registering with Ehsaas Program, you’ll get a receipt. They’ll note your CNIC and phone number.
  2. Once we process your application, we will send you an SMS to confirm your visit to Ehsaas and the collection of money.
  3. This is the final step, and you’ll get Rs. 14000 through Ehsaas Program.
  4. To find the nearest Ehsaas cash center, visit:

Important Notice (Scam Warning):

  • Pay attention to SMS from 8171 only, as scammers may send messages from different numbers, asking for money from the needy.
  • Ehsaas Program only uses the number 8171 for SMS, so ignore messages from other numbers claiming to be Ehsaas.

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How to check if I qualify for the 14000 Ehsaas Program?

  • Send an SMS to 8171 with your CNIC number.
  • You’ll receive a response informing you about your eligibility.

Can I register for Ehsaas Program through SMS?

  • No, registration is not done through SMS. You must visit the Bisp Tehsil Office, fill out the survey, and provide details for registration.

How to check my CNIC for Ehsaas Program 14000?

  • To check eligibility, send CNIC to 8171 or visit the nearest Ehsaas center.

How to check my eligibility for the Ehsaas Program online for Rs. 14000?

  • Visit the official website at, enter your CNIC number (without hyphens), Cell number, and complete the captcha.

How do I complain to 8171?

  • Call 1800 or send CNIC to 8171 or 1166.

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