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Ehsaas Program Jobs 2023 New Posts in Pakistan – Apply Online

Ehsaas Program Jobs in 2023

Ehsaas Program Jobs – Ehsaas Program is offering job opportunities for 2023 in the Pakistan Social Security Department. The program is seeking applications from eligible men and women for various positions across Pakistan, including Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The official announcement of vacancies was made through the Daily Express newspaper. Interested candidates can find detailed information about the selection criteria and how to submit their applications on the complete page.

The Pakistan Welfare Department has introduced Ehsaas Program Jobs for 2023, encompassing a range of positions. Both male and female candidates who fulfill the specified requirements are encouraged to apply. The available job openings are within the Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal organization and are centered in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This employment opportunity has been advertised in the daily Express Newspaper. To determine eligibility and understand the process for submitting applications, please refer to the full page. Ehsaas Program Jobs for 2023 aims to provide accessible job prospects to individuals in need across Pakistan, contributing to social welfare and empowerment.

Ehsaas Program Jobs 2023 New Posts in Pakistan - Apply Online

Ehsaas Program 2023 Jobs Details:

In 2023, the Ehsaas Program offered different jobs, and each job has its own details. People can apply for these jobs, and if they get selected, they can work in the Pakistan Social Security Department. Let’s look at the details of these jobs:

S No. Name of Vacancies: Number of Seats Age Limits Education Required Salary Package
1 Supervisor 3 25-30 Master’s Degree Rs. 34,000/-
2 Shift Manager 4 25-30 Graduation Degree Rs. 31,000/-
3 Accounts Assistant 2 20-30 BBA or BCOM Rs. 29,000/-
4 Receptionist / Data Entry 2 20-30 Intermediate Rs. 27,000/-
5 Cook 5 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 30,000/-
6 Cook Helper 8 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 24,000/-
7 Mess Waiter 8 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 20,000/-
8 Security Guard 6 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 20,000/-
9 Driver 3 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 20,000/-
10 Housekeeper 4 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 20,000/-
11 Sweeper 9 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 20,000/-
12 Electrician 4 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 8,000/- Monthly
(Work charge/if needed)
13 Plumber 5 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 8,000/- Monthly
(Work charge/if needed)
14 Maali 4 18-30 Under Matric Rs. 8,000/- Monthly
(Work charge/if needed)

Required Documents:

Before you apply, make sure you have these papers ready:

  1. School Certificates: Get copies of your school certificates.
  2. Proof of Where You Live: Collect a paper that shows where you live, like a domicile paper.
  3. ID Card: Make a copy of your CNIC (ID card).
  4. Small Pictures: Get small pictures of yourself.
  5. Any Other Papers: If they ask for more things, get those too.

How to Send Your Papers:

Put all the papers together with your application form. Then, send them by mail to the address they’ve given you.

Remember These Things:

  • Don’t Be Late: Send everything before the last day. If you’re late, they might not check your papers.
  • Be Honest: Only use real papers. If they find out you’re not telling the truth, they might not let you apply again.

Just be sure to follow these steps correctly, and your application should go smoothly.

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Ehsaas Program Jobs 2023 Online Apply:

About the Job:

  • Organization: The job is with Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.
  • Place: You’ll work in Islamabad.
  • Qualification: You need different education levels like Middle, Matric, Bachelor, or Master.
  • Gender: Both males and females can apply.
  • Work Type: It’s a full-time job.
  • Job Category: This falls under Government Jobs.
  • Total Openings: There are 67 positions available.

How to Apply for the Job:

To apply for this job, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Form: Complete the application form and submit it.
  2. Shortlisting: They will choose candidates based on their qualifications and past experience.
  3. Interview: If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited for an interview.
  4. Final Decision: The decision to hire you depends on how well you do in the interview.

How to Get the Application:

  • Download Form: Get the application form from Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal’s official website:
  • Include Copies: Attach copies of your educational papers and CNIC with your application.
  • Send to Address: Mail your application with the papers to the address they mention.
  • Closing Date: Make sure your application reaches them before the closing date.

Where to Send:

Send your application to:

Director, Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal, Regional Office-ICT Naseem Plaza, Service Road East, Islamabad Expressway, Sohan, Islamabad Phone No: 051:2612298

Make sure to follow these steps exactly, and good luck with your application!

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What is the Ehsaas Program?

  • The Ehsaas Program is a helpful effort in Pakistan to assist those in need through different initiatives.

What are Ehsaas Program Jobs?

  • These jobs are opportunities provided by the Ehsaas Program, aiming to provide work for people.

How can I apply for Ehsaas Program Jobs?

  • You can apply by visiting the official website or checking announcements for application details and forms.

What kinds of jobs are available in the Ehsaas Program?

  • The program offers various roles such as supervisors, assistants, guards, etc., suited for different skills and qualifications.

Where are these jobs located?

  • Jobs might be available in different parts of Pakistan, including cities and regions.

What documents do I need to apply?

  • Commonly, you’ll need your educational certificates, CNIC, domicile proof, and passport-sized photos.

How does the selection process work?

  • Applications are reviewed and shortlisted. After that, interviews are conducted, and final decisions depend on your performance in the interview.

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