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Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program for Street Vendors 2023 Registration

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program 2023

The Ehsaas Rehri Baan program, introduced in 2023, aims to support street vendors and mobile stalls by providing them with carts to earn a living. It’s a wonderful initiative by the previous government to help those who are facing financial difficulties. By giving them these carts, the government is assisting them in making money and supporting their families.

This program demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the lives of street vendors and mobile stall owners. It’s not just about giving handouts; it’s about showing care and fairness to the citizens. By offering them work and responsibilities, the government is motivating them to become active members of society and contribute to the progress of Pakistan.

Additionally, the government has launched this program to combat poverty. This program goes beyond simply giving money and provides vendor cards to individuals who have cooking or selling skills. This approach is praiseworthy as it inspires people and gives them hope that the government is actively backing them. It also gives them the opportunity to sell their products and earn a decent income to support their families.

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program for Street Vendors 2023 Registration

Benefits of the Ehsaas RehriBaan Program

The Ehsaas RehriBaan Program in 2023 brings relief to vendors and daily wage workers who sell goods, fruits, and vegetables on a daily basis. They no longer have to worry about paying extra taxes or fines to authorities like the CDA. Additionally, they have access to loans from different banks. The program provides them with facilities and guidance from Dr. Sania Nishtar, enabling them to earn money easily and conveniently.

Vendors and Rehri Baans now have the opportunity to sell various food items such as samosas and cultural dishes, as well as drinks. This government initiative focuses on empowering people at the grassroots level, encouraging them to take initiative and avoid idleness. It reflects the government’s genuine intention to motivate individuals to be proactive and productive.

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Loan for Rehri Baan Peoples:

Through the Ehsaas RehriBaan Program, eligible Rehri Baans can receive loans up to 1 lakh rupees from banks like the National Bank of Pakistan, Apna Microfinance, and Mobilink Microfinance Bank. They can repay the loan in simple installments, selecting a monthly amount that suits their convenience. This flexible repayment option ensures ease and convenience for the program’s beneficiaries.

Supporting Street Vendors in many ways:

The Ehsaas RehriBaan Program helps street vendors and Rehri Baan owners in multiple ways. It aims to keep them safe during protests by protecting their carts from damage and loss. Moreover, the program offers interest-free loans to people who want to start or grow their businesses. This government initiative aims to create a secure environment and provide financial aid to street vendors, helping them prosper and become more stable economically.

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Rehri Baan Program Expands Across Pakistan

Dr. Sania Nishtar and former Prime Minister Imran Khan played crucial roles in leading the extensive Ehsaas program, including the Ehsaas RehriBaan Program. Their guidance ensured the success of these initiatives. Initially launched in Islamabad, the program has expanded to other regions of Pakistan like Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Kashmir.

It took time to expand, but the government worked hard to reach a larger audience. To take advantage of this opportunity, interested individuals can visit the official website and register for the Ehsaas RehriBaan Program 2023. It’s a great chance for people to benefit from the program’s offerings.

Ehsas Rehribaan Program 2023 Apply

The PTI government has launched the Ehsas Rehribaan program to help street vendors overcome their challenges. In the past, street vendors faced heavy fines and the destruction of their carts by authorities like CDA and LDA. But now, this program aims to provide a license to every shopkeeper, so they don’t have to worry about extortion anymore. Applying for the program has become easier with an online application process, making it accessible to more people.

By giving official licenses, the Ehsas Rehribaan program ensures that street vendors are treated fairly and can work without fear of being asked for money. It’s all about helping them economically and preserving their dignity. If you’re interested, you can apply for the program at your nearest Microfinance Bank, which is where you can submit your application. The online system makes everything more convenient and open to people from different backgrounds and places.

The PTI government is really committed to supporting street vendors all across the country. By providing licenses and putting an end to unfair practices, the Ehsas Rehribaan program brings hope to thousands of hardworking individuals who want to improve their businesses and their lives.

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Ehsaas Rehri Baan Stalled:

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program for Street Vendors 2023 Registration

The lives of 42 street vendors in Islamabad have been turned upside down as the city administration abruptly destroyed their sources of income. This incident highlights the ongoing difficulties faced by street vendors in Pakistan, who are an important part of the informal economy but constantly face uncertainty and risks to their businesses.

Pakistan has over a million street vendors who play a significant role in the country’s economy. However, due to the lack of proper regulations and licenses, their future remains uncertain. City authorities often carry out campaigns against them, leading to evictions, extortion, and mistreatment. The I-10 vendors were licensed under the ‘Ehsaas Rehribaan initiative, which aimed to incorporate street vendors into the formal economy.

The initiative provided vendors with licenses and new solar-powered vending carts, along with dedicated spaces in commercial areas. It had positive results, generating revenue and creating job opportunities. However, the recent actions of the city administration, demolishing the vendors‘ carts and failing to renew their licenses, have caused significant losses and devastated the vendors.

This destruction has hit the vendors hard, especially considering the rising inflation. However, Dr. Sania also gave 24,000 rupees to the vendors whose carts were destroyed during the recent protest. The Ehsaas Rehri Ban program set up training centers for chefs and cooks to improve their cooking skills and pursue a professional career, which will benefit them financially.

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