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Ehsaas Scholarship Online Apply 2023-24 for Matric Students

Ehsaas Scholarship Program for Matric Students

Ehsaas Scholarship Online Apply – The Ehsaas Scholarship Program for Matric Students is a commendable initiative by the Government of Pakistan to provide educational opportunities to deserving individuals facing financial challenges. This scholarship aims to empower students who come from low-income families and are hindered by financial constraints from pursuing their academic aspirations.

The program encompasses a wide range of educational levels, starting from primary school to intermediate levels such as Matric and Inter. It is designed to alleviate the barriers that prevent talented and motivated students from pursuing higher education due to family crises, low income, or other economic difficulties.

Under the Ehsaas Scholarship, students at the secondary and Matric levels are granted the opportunity to continue their studies and secure a brighter future. It not only covers 100% of their educational fees but also provides a monthly stipend of 40,000 PKR to support their living expenses. This holistic support ensures that financial concerns do not impede their academic journey.

What makes this program particularly remarkable is its scale. With an allocation of 200,000 scholarships over the next four years, it stands as one of the most extensive educational initiatives in Pakistan’s history. The scholarships are widely distributed across all provinces, including AJK and GB, ensuring that deserving students from various regions benefit from this opportunity.

In addition to Matric and Inter students, the Ehsaas program extends its reach to primary and secondary classes, offering a quarterly education stipend to those in need. This ensures that students from diverse educational backgrounds can access the support they require to excel in their studies. The success of the previous year’s applications, with over 111,000 students applying, underscores the significance and popularity of this program.

Ehsaas Scholarship Online Apply 2023-24 for Matric Students

Scholarship Program Benefits:

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program offers substantial benefits to students at various educational levels in Pakistan, aiming to alleviate financial constraints and enable them to pursue their academic aspirations.

For Female Students:

  • Primary: Female primary school students receive a stipend of 2000 PKR.
  • Secondary/Matric: Female students at the secondary/matric level are provided with a stipend of 3000 PKR.
  • Higher Secondary/Intermediate: Female students in higher secondary/intermediate education receive a stipend of 4000 PKR.

For Male Students:

  • Higher Secondary/Intermediate: Male students at the higher secondary/intermediate level are granted a stipend of 3500 PKR.
  • Secondary/Matric: Male students in the secondary/matric category receive a stipend of 2500 PKR.
  • Primary: Male primary school students receive a stipend of 1500 PKR.

Scholarship Coverage:

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program covers the following aspects:

  • Tuition Fees: The program provides full coverage of tuition fees, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students’ access to education.
  • Living Stipend: Students also receive a monthly living stipend of 40,000 PKR. This stipend aims to support students in meeting their basic living expenses while pursuing their studies.

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Ehsaas Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria:

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria for the Need-Based Scholarship for students from 6th to Matric levels in Pakistan, offered by the Government of Pakistan, are designed to ensure that those who truly need financial assistance have access to educational support.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Family Income: To be eligible, the student’s family income should be less than 45,000 PKR. This criterion ensures that the scholarship benefits those who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • University Enrollment: Candidates applying for the scholarship should be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a public sector university. This condition focuses on providing support to individuals pursuing higher education in government institutions.
  • Gender Equality: The scholarship program prioritizes gender equality by reserving 50% of scholarships for women. This initiative aims to encourage and empower female students to pursue their academic goals.
  • Disability Inclusion: The program also reserves 2% of scholarships for students with disabilities. This inclusion recognizes the importance of ensuring educational opportunities for all, regardless of physical challenges.

Criteria for Selection:

The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • New Admissions: Preference will be given to students who are newly admitted to their respective educational institutions. This ensures that the scholarship benefits those who are just embarking on their educational journey.
  • Merit-Based Admissions: The scholarship recipients must have secured their admission based on merit. This implies that candidates should meet all the admission requirements and criteria set by their chosen institutions.
  • HEC Approved Programs: The degree programs pursued by the students must be approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). This ensures that the scholarship supports students pursuing recognized and credible courses of study.
  • Age Limit: Students should adhere to the age limit specified by the institution’s regulations. The maximum age for applying corresponds to the institution’s maximum age requirement for undergraduate Scholarship program admissions.

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Ehsaas Scholarship Online Apply

The process of applying for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program has been designed to be convenient and accessible, allowing interested candidates to submit their applications online through a dedicated portal.

Online Application Process:

Applying for the Ehsaas Scholarship is straightforward and can be done through the following steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Access the official Ehsaas scholarship website at This website serves as the designated platform for submitting your scholarship application.
  • Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate and relevant information. Make sure to provide all the necessary details required for evaluation.
  • Required Documents: Ensure that you have the necessary documents ready. These may include your original CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and your Birth Certificate. Additionally, you might need to include a form from the institute you intend to apply for.
  • Submission: Submit your completed application form and upload the required documents through the online portal. This step concludes the online application process.

Important Considerations:

  • Alternate Submission: If needed, you can also physically submit your filled application forms and documents to the Financial Aid Offices of the relevant universities. However, sending applications directly to HEC or BISP is not acceptable.
  • Form Collection: The application forms would likely require specific details from the institute you wish to apply for. Make sure to follow the guidelines and requirements mentioned in the forms.
  • Visit Ehsaas Office: If needed, you can visit the nearest Ehsaas office for assistance with form submissions or any queries.

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