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Ehsaas Scholarship Program 2023-24 Online Apply for Students

Ehsaas Scholarship Program

Ehsaas Scholarship Program is a remarkable initiative that aims to make higher education more accessible for everyone, especially those who come from low-income backgrounds. Sometimes, continuing education after high school can help people escape poverty. But not everyone gets the same chance. For instance, only a tiny 0.4% of kids from the poorest families can afford to go to college, while the national average is higher at 10%.

Imagine this: Pakistan is one of the youngest countries globally, with around 220 million people, and many of them are of university age. But many of them can’t afford to go to college. The government noticed this and decided to do something about it. They started the Ehsaas Scholarship Program. It’s like a helping hand for those who need it.

The idea is simple: Everyone should have a fair shot at education, no matter how much money their family has. This program doesn’t just want to help financially but also wants to make sure that both girls and boys have the same chances. The plan is to give a lot of young people the opportunity to go to college. This way, more people can get a good education, which can lead to better jobs and a way out of poverty.

In a nutshell, the Ahsas Scholarship Program is all about fairness. It’s about making sure that even if your family doesn’t have a lot of money, you still have a chance to go to college. This helps the individuals and the whole country grow and prosper.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program 2023-24 Online Apply for Students

Opening Doors to Higher Education and Brighter Futures

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program has some important goals that it wants to achieve. First, it wants to change how things have been done before. Instead of only helping people with higher degrees like Master’s or PhDs, this program wants to assist students who finish high school (FA/FSc./Intermediate) but can’t go to college because they don’t have enough money. It focuses on those important 4-5 year undergraduate programs that can really make a difference in someone’s life.

This program is part of the bigger Ehsaas social safety net plan of the Government of Pakistan. It plans to give out 50,000 scholarships every year to help students afford college. And over the next four to five years, they want to increase this number to around 200,000 scholarships.

These scholarships cover the cost of going to college and also provide some extra money to help with living expenses. This is a big deal because it makes higher education affordable for everyone, whether they want to study agriculture, arts, business, engineering, medicine, science, or social studies.

The program is really keen on supporting girls’ education, so half of the scholarships are set aside just for them. Also, 2% of the scholarships are for students who have physical challenges.

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By doing this, the program aims to help students become skilled and ready for jobs. It also hopes to inspire students who stopped studying because of money problems to get back on track.

The best part is that by helping these students, the program believes it can also help their families and communities. When people get better jobs after college, they can lift their families out of poverty. This program is all about giving a hand to those who need it the most and making things better for everyone.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Financial Support:

If you’re wondering about the financial side of things for the Ehsaas Scholarship, here’s the scoop:

  • University Fee: The program takes care of your university fee. Whatever your actual fee is, they’ll cover it. This means you won’t have to worry about paying for your classes.
  • Annual Stipend: You’ll also get an annual stipend. This is like a small amount of money they’ll give you each year. It’s meant to help with your other expenses while you’re studying.

In simple words, this program doesn’t want you to worry about the costs of going to college. They’ve got your back when it comes to your university fees, and they’ll also give you a little extra money each year to help you with your living costs. It’s all about making sure you can focus on your studies and have a smoother journey through higher education.

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Ehsaas Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria:

If you’re thinking about applying for the Ehsaas Scholarship, there are a few things you need to know to see if you’re eligible. Here’s the scoop:

  • University Enrollment: You should be currently studying in an undergraduate program at certain public universities. This scholarship is for those who are already on their journey toward a degree.
  • Merit-Based Admission: To apply, you need to have gotten into the university on your own merit, which means meeting the admission requirements set by the university.
  • Age Limit: You have to follow the age limit set by the university for undergraduate admissions.
  • Exclusive Scholarship: If you’re already getting another scholarship or grant from somewhere else, unfortunately, you can’t apply for this one. This scholarship wants to help those who don’t have other financial support.
  • Program Exclusions: If you’re enrolled in self-sustain, self-support, or self-finance evening programs, this scholarship might not be for you.
  • Not for Distance Learning: If you’re doing your studies through distance learning, this scholarship might not match your situation.

Remember, these criteria are set up to make sure the scholarship reaches those who need it the most. So, before you apply, make sure you meet these requirements.

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Ehsaas Scholarship Online Apply

If you’re excited about the Ehsaas Scholarship and want to apply, don’t worry, it’s quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Online Application: To get started, you’ll need to apply online. It’s like filling out a form on the internet.
  2. HEC Application System: You’ll apply through the HEC Online Application System. HEC stands for the Higher Education Commission. They’re the ones helping to manage this scholarship.
  3. Website Link: The link you need to go to is: Just click on it to get to the application page.

Applying online is a breeze. It’s designed to make things convenient for you. So, you won’t have to travel anywhere or stand in lines. Just follow the instructions on the website, fill in the required information, and you’ll be on your way to applying for this great opportunity.

Remember, this scholarship is all about helping you achieve your educational dreams, so don’t hesitate to apply. Just a few clicks can open up a world of possibilities for your future.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program 2023-24 Online Apply for Students

Required Documents:

When you’re applying for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships, there are a few important papers you’ll need to gather. Here’s what you should get ready:

  • Your Identification: You’ll need a copy of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or your B. Form. This helps confirm who you are.
  • Parents’ Identification: Copies of your parents’ or guardians’ CNIC. They need to confirm their identity too.
  • Income Proof: You’ll have to show proof of your family’s income. This could be salary slips or an income certificate for your parents or guardians.
  • Special Cases: If your father works on a daily wage, owns a shop, or has a private job, you might need to include a special paper (undertaking) about their income.
  • Utility Bills: If you pay utility bills (electricity, gas, phone, water), get copies of the last six months’ bills. This helps show your living situation.
  • Rent Agreement: If you live in a rented house, you might need to show your rental agreement.
  • Fee Receipts: If you or your siblings are in school or college, get copies of the most recent fee receipts.
  • Medical Papers: If you have any medical bills or expenses, keep copies of those too.
  • Your Photo: A passport-sized photo of you.
  • House Photo: A picture of the front of your house.

After you’ve filled out the online form, you’ll print it and attach these documents. Then, you’ll need to give this bundle of papers to the Student Financial Aid Office at your university. They’ll check everything and make sure you’re good to go.

Remember, these documents help the people in charge make sure the scholarships go to the right people and families who really need them. So, keep everything organized and ready to submit!

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Ehsaas Scholarship Award Process:

If you’re curious about how you can actually get the Ehsaas Scholarship, here’s what you need to know:

  • Apply Online: Start by applying online through the website It’s a simple process where you fill out a form on the Internet.
  • Review and Shortlisting: Your application will be carefully looked at by a team called the scrutiny committee. They’ll check if you meet the requirements. If you do, you’ll be shortlisted. This means you’re one step closer to the scholarship.
  • Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by another group called the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC). This team is usually led by the head of your university or institution, like the Vice Chancellor.
  • Recommendation: The ISAC will decide who they think should get the scholarship. They’ll recommend these students to HEC, which is the Higher Education Commission.
  • Final Approval: Once everything is checked and confirmed, the scholarship will be officially approved. This means you’re getting the financial help you need for your studies.
  • Continuous Support: The scholarship doesn’t just stop after one year. As long as you keep up a good academic performance, the funding will continue for the next semester or year.

In a nutshell, the process starts with your online application. Then, there’s a review, an interview, and recommendations made by different committees. Finally, after everything is sorted out, you’ll be awarded the scholarship. And if you keep doing well in your studies, you’ll continue to receive support throughout your college journey.

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What is the Ehsaas Scholarship Program?

  • The Ehsaas Scholarship Program is an initiative to help students from low-income backgrounds access higher education. It aims to provide financial support for students who can’t afford college fees.

Why is this scholarship important?

  • Many students who finish high school can’t continue their education due to financial constraints. This scholarship program wants to change that by making higher education affordable for everyone.

How do I apply for the Ehsaas Scholarship?

  • Applying is easy. Just go to the hec website and fill out the online application form.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

  • Students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs at selected public universities in Pakistan can apply. Make sure to meet the admission requirements and other criteria mentioned on the website.

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What expenses does the scholarship cover?

  • The scholarship covers your university fees as well as an annual stipend. This stipend is meant to help with your living expenses while you’re studying.

Can girls apply for this scholarship?

  • Absolutely! The program is keen on supporting girls’ education, so half of the scholarships are reserved for female students.

Can students with physical challenges apply?

  • Yes, the program also reserves 2% of the scholarships for students who have physical challenges.

How do I know if I’ve been awarded the scholarship?

  • After a thorough review and approval process, you’ll be officially notified that you’ve been awarded the scholarship.

Is the scholarship support only for one year?

  • No, if you maintain good academic performance, the scholarship support will continue for the next semester or year of your studies.

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