How to Apply NADRA B-Form (CRC), Required Documents [2024]

NADRA Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Fees And Requirements in 2024

NADRA B-Form (CRC) – To help all citizens get crucial services more easily, the Pakistani government has made it mandatory for people to have Child Registration Certificates, which are also called B-forms. These B-forms are essential documents that show details about a child, like their name, date of birth, and other important information.

Now, getting these B-forms is much easier than before. In the past, the process of getting one of these certificates was quite complicated and took a lot of time. Many people found it hard to navigate through all the steps needed to get the document. This made it tough for some families, especially those living in remote areas, to get the services they needed for their children.

How to Apply NADRA B-Form (CRC), Required Documents [2024]

However, the government has listened to the concerns of its citizens and has made some big changes. They have simplified the entire process of getting a B-form. This means that now, parents or guardians can easily apply for this certificate without facing many hurdles. The simpler process ensures that more families can quickly get the essential documents for their kids.

By making these B-forms more accessible, the government aims to ensure that every child in Pakistan has equal opportunities and rights. With this certificate, families can access various services like education, healthcare, and other government benefits more efficiently. It’s a step forward in making sure that no child is left behind and that every family can easily prove the identity and age of their children when needed.

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NADRA Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Fee

If you want to register your child’s birth in Pakistan with a place called NADRA, you might be curious about how much it costs. NADRA gives out a special paper called Form B, which proves that a child is registered with them. Let’s break down the costs:

  1. Normal Fee: Most people go for this option. It costs Rs50. If you pay this amount, you’ll get Form B for your child without any extra charges, but you might have to wait a bit.
  2. Executive Fee: If you’re in a hurry and want things done faster, you can pick this option. It’s more expensive at Rs500. Paying this fee means NADRA will process your application faster, and you’ll get Form B more quickly.

In the end, whether you choose the cheaper or faster option depends on how quickly you need the Form B. Both options make sure your child gets registered with NADRA, and it’s good to know about these choices to pick what’s best for you.

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Required Documents for NADRA B Form Application

  • Child’s Identification:
    • If your child possesses an ID card like CNIC or NICOP, bring it for the application. This card confirms your child’s identity.
  • Parental Identification:
    • Present the ID card of either the child’s mother or father. This establishes the family connection and ensures proper verification.
  • Proof of Birth:
    • Provide a document indicating your child’s birth details, such as:
      • A hospital-issued birth certificate.
      • A school certificate if applicable.
    • This document is essential for verifying and confirming your child’s birth information.
  • Marriage Verification:
    • Submit evidence of the parents’ marital status.
    • This can be:
      • A valid marriage certificate.
      • A Nikkah Nama, which confirms a Muslim marriage ceremony.

By ensuring you have these essential documents ready, you streamline the B-form application process and ensure accurate registration details for your child.

How to Apply NADRA B-Form (CRC), Required Documents [2024]

How to Apply for NADRA B-Form (CRC)?

If you’re thinking about getting a B-form for your child in 2023, you might be curious about how to do it. Let’s make it easy to understand:

  1. Visit the NADRA Center:
    • First, find out where the NADRA Registration Center (NRC) is near you. This is where you start. Just go there to get things started.
  2. Get a Token:
    • When you get to the NADRA center, don’t rush inside. Instead, go to the counter and ask for a token. It’s like a ticket that helps you wait in line. This way, everyone gets served in order, like waiting your turn in a queue.
  3. Time for Photos and Fingerprints:
    • When it’s your turn, the NADRA staff will guide you to take a photo and scan your fingerprints. This part is crucial because it makes sure you are who you say you are!
  4. Enter Data and Print the B-Form:
    • After the photo session, a NADRA worker will sit with you. They’ll put all the important information about you and your child into their computer. Once that’s done, they’ll give you a printed B-form. This paper has all the important details about your child.
  5. Get the Form Checked:
    • Before you think you’re all done, there’s one more thing. Take that printed B-form and get it signed by a special officer called a gazetted officer. Their signature shows that everything is correct.
    • If one of your parents comes with you and gets their fingerprints taken, you don’t need the officer’s signature. Just having them there is enough.

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NADRA B-Form Delivery Time:

If you’re wondering how long it takes to get a B-form for your child, here’s a simple answer: usually about 5 working days. That’s pretty quick! So, after applying, you can expect to have the Child Registration Certificate in your hands within a week.


The Pakistani government, along with NADRA, has taken steps to simplify the B-form process for children. For parents and guardians, this means a more straightforward way to secure this essential document for their kids. By adhering to the outlined steps and providing the necessary paperwork, the application process becomes much easier. With these streamlined procedures in place for 2024, families can navigate the system with confidence, ensuring their children are duly registered.

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