Imtiaz Super Market Online Apply [2024] – Jobs in Karachi Pakistan

Imtiaz Super Market Jobs in Karachi

Imtiaz Super Market Online Apply: ISM is on a mission to become a leading provider of high-quality services in the market. The company is actively seeking individuals who are ready to thrive in a fast-paced environment, contributing to the continuous growth of the supermarket retail chain. If you’re enthusiastic about joining the Imtiaz Super Market team, you’re encouraged to apply online through their website. ISM has various part-time and full-time job opportunities available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and throughout Pakistan. Positions range from Cashiers to Customer Service Officers (CSOs) and other roles.

Established 67 years ago by Mr. Imtiaz Abbasi in Karachi, Pakistan, ISM has grown into a chain of supermarkets with 19 locations across the country. This retail giant has achieved remarkable success in terms of revenue, sales, and customer base. With over 7000 employees and more than 400 thousand loyal customers, ISM has become a significant player in the market. Starting as a small corner shop with the simple goal of providing better value at lower prices, ISM has transformed into a national retailer, setting itself apart from competitors.

Offering a diverse range of products, including groceries, electronics, health and beauty items, pet supplies, sporting goods, and more, ISM caters to a wide customer base. The company’s growth has been fueled by its commitment to delivering value and quality to customers. Mr. Nawaz Abbasi leads ISM as its CEO.

By joining Imtiaz Super Market, you not only contribute to the establishment of a robust financial position for the company but also open doors to career growth opportunities. Embrace the chance to be part of a dynamic team and play a role in the success story of one of Pakistan’s largest and most reputable retail chains. Apply now to be a part of ISM’s journey towards continuous excellence in service and market leadership.

Imtiaz Super Market Online Apply [2024] - Jobs in Karachi Pakistan

Available Job at Imtiaz Super Market [Updated]

Imtiaz Super Market is happy to share that we have a bunch of job openings just for you. No matter if you like helping people, enjoy using technology, or love sales, there’s a job here that suits you!

  • Customer Care Officer: If you’re good at talking to people and like helping them, this job is for you. You’ll be part of a team that makes sure our customers are super happy.
  • Data Entry Officer: If you’re good at organizing things and paying attention to details, we need your skills to keep our data in order.
  • Sales Associate: If you’re good at selling and making friends, we want you to join our team and help us grow.
  • Cashier: If you want to be at the front of our store, handling money and making sure everyone has a smooth shopping experience, we have a spot for you.
  • Corporate Sales Executive: If you like working with businesses and building relationships, check out our openings for corporate sales.
  • Floor Manager: If you want to be a leader and make sure our store looks great and customers have a good time, this job is for you.
  • Talent Acquisition Officer: If you’re interested in helping us find awesome new team members, join our Human Resources team.
  • Hardware Technician: If you know your way around technical stuff, we need you to keep our systems running smoothly.
  • Accounts Officer: If you’re good with numbers, we have a role for you in managing our money matters.
  • Media Planning Specialist: If you like thinking about how we can tell more people about our market, check out our media planning role.
  • Category Specialist – Food & Beverages: If you love food and drinks, help us pick the best products for our store.
  • Pharmacist: If you know about medicines and healthcare, join our team to make sure we have quality products.
  • IT Support Officer/Executive: If you can fix computer problems, we need you to keep our systems working well.
  • Jr. Application Developer: If you like creating computer programs, join us in making our operations smoother.
  • Manager Store Operations: If you want to be a boss and make sure everything in our store runs well, check out our managerial role.

We welcome everyone with different skills to be part of our team. We believe in working together and making sure everyone’s talents shine. Apply now and be part of our journey to more success and being the best!

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Imtiaz Super Market Jobs Salary and Benefits:

Begin an Exciting Career with Us: Join the Imtiaz Super Market team, a rapidly growing supermarket chain expanding across the country. Our focus is on creating a friendly work environment where everyone collaborates effectively. Our managers are committed to supporting your job, nurturing your career growth, and providing numerous benefits for a secure and joyful future.

Competitive Salary: Enjoy a good salary when you work with us, ensuring you are well-compensated in line with industry standards. We value your skills and hard work, aiming to provide financial stability and opportunities for growth.

Job Security: Feel secure in your position with us, as we prioritize stability and reliability, ensuring a confident and stable work environment.

Career Growth Opportunities: Whether you’re starting your career or aiming for advancement, we offer opportunities for learning and growth to help you progress in your professional journey.

Perks for a Positive Work Atmosphere: Enhance your work experience with perks like free lunch and tea, fostering a well-fed and happy team, and creating a positive and productive workplace.

Performance Bonuses: Your hard work is appreciated, and we express our gratitude through performance bonuses, recognizing your efforts and keeping you motivated.

Healthcare Benefits: Your health matters to us, and we provide healthcare benefits to ensure you have the necessary resources for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a good balance between work and personal life is crucial. We focus on work-life balance, making it easier for you to excel at work while enjoying your time outside of work.

Join Us for a Fulfilling Future: Imtiaz Super Market values your skills, promotes your growth, and cares about your well-being. Be part of a workplace that not only supports your career goals but also enhances your overall life. Apply now and step into a future filled with success and happiness.

  1. Imtiaz Super Market Online Apply [2024] - Jobs in Karachi Pakistan

How to Apply Online for a Job at Imtiaz Supermarket?

Imtiaz Super Market Job Apply: Getting started on applying for a job at Imtiaz Super Market is easy! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Imtiaz Super Market website. You can find it by typing “Imtiaz Super Market Online Apply Karachi” in a search engine.
  2. Find the “Apply Here” Button: Look for a button on the webpage that says “Apply Here.” It’s usually towards the bottom of the page. Click on it.
  3. Explore Career Opportunities: Once you click, you’ll be taken to the career page of Imtiaz Super Market. Here, you’ll see various job positions available. Take your time to check out the options.
  4. Select a Job That Suits You: Find a job that matches your skills and experience. There are different positions, so choose the one that fits you best.
  5. Click on “Apply”: When you’ve decided on a job, click on the “Apply” button next to that position. This will lead you to an online application form.
  6. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the online application form by providing the required information. This may include personal details, educational background, and work experience.
  7. Submit Your Application: After filling out the form, submit your application. You might be asked to create an account or log in if you haven’t already.
  8. Confirmation: Once you’ve submitted your application, you may receive a confirmation message. Keep an eye on your email for any updates from Imtiaz Super Market.

Remember, the link to apply is: Imtiaz Super Market Career Page

That’s it! You’ve successfully applied for a job at Imtiaz Super Market. Good luck with your application!

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