IoBM LMS Envisioned For Effective Learning [2024] by IOBM

Blended Learning and LMS Initiative at IoBM: An Overview

IoBM LMS: On May 23, 2019, a big meeting took place at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM). The Entrepreneurship and Management Excellence Center (EMEC) joined hands with IoBM’s Media Department and the College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) for this event. The idea was to have important people from IoBM, like Mr. Talib Karim, IoBM’s President, and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, IoBM’s Rector, attend. Many other leaders and teachers were there too.

IoBM LMS Envisioned For Effective Learning [2024] by IOBM

Now, let’s understand two main things they talked about:

  1. Blended Learning: This is like mixing old-school teaching with new online ways. Instead of just books and teachers, students also use computers or tablets to learn. This mix makes learning more fun and helps students understand better.
  2. LMS (Learning Management System): LMS is like a special website where students and teachers can do school stuff online. It’s a place where students can study stuff, send homework, and even join online classes. Teachers can see how well students are doing and give them advice.

IoBM wanted to use both old and new ways of teaching. The EMEC, along with other departments, thought this would make learning at IoBM even better. Big leaders at IoBM, like Mr. Talib Karim and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, thought this was a great idea. So, they had this meeting to plan how to make it happen.

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IoBM’s Goals for the Modern Digital World

Mr. Talib Karim talked about how education is changing because of technology. He believes that IoBM should use this change to help students learn better. He thinks that since students today love technology, IoBM should use videos and interactive lessons. This way, they can keep up with the short attention spans of today’s young students.

Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder added that teachers need to change how they teach in today’s world. He talked about important skills students need now, like being creative, working well with others, and knowing how to use technology. Dr. Hyder wants IoBM to have a clear plan. First, they should have great teachers and online tools. Then, they should use new and creative ways to teach. Finally, the goal is for students to learn how to start businesses and make a positive impact on society.

In simple words, Mr. Karim and Dr. Hyder believe IoBM should use modern methods to teach students. They want to prepare students for the real world by teaching them skills like creativity and teamwork. They aim to have a clear plan where good teaching leads to students making a difference in society.

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Understanding Flipped Classrooms and LMS at IoBM

Mr. Nabhan Karim talked about a new way of teaching called the “Flipped Classroom.” Instead of the usual way where students listen to lectures in class, they watch these lectures at home. Then, when they come to class, they discuss and ask questions about what they learned. This makes the class more about talking and working together.

IoBM wants to make sure this new way of learning is interesting for today’s students, especially those from Generation Z. So, they’re planning to make videos using a special recording studio. These videos won’t just be plain talks; they’ll have fun quizzes and other things to make learning engaging. Where will students find these videos? Through an online platform called the Learning Management System, or LMS for short.

Mr. Karim also shared an interesting fact: many students today like learning on their own using websites like YouTube rather than always asking teachers. This shows how important it is for IoBM to use videos and online tools like LMS.

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Making Sure Students Learn Well: Setting Clear Goals

Dr. Tariq Rahim Soomro talked about how important it is for IoBM to offer top-notch education that meets certain goals. To keep IoBM’s reputation strong and get good recognition, they need a clear plan. Dr. Soomro highlighted the need for every course and program to have specific goals. These goals are called Course Level Objectives (CLOs) for individual courses and Program Level Objectives (PLOs) for entire programs.

To track how well students are doing and if they’re meeting these goals, IoBM uses tools like Moodle and Smartz. These tools help teachers see if their courses are working well and if students are learning what they’re supposed to. This way, if something isn’t working, they can change the course material or teaching methods.

However, Dr. Soomro also pointed out some challenges. One big challenge is moving data smoothly and making Moodle fit IoBM’s specific needs. Even with these challenges, the main goal remains clear: making sure students get a quality education and meet the set learning goals.

IoBM LMS Envisioned For Effective Learning [2024] by IOBM

Supporting Teachers: Teaching Them and Putting Plans in Place

Mr. Muhammad Mansoor Alam talked about how training teachers is really important for the success of this project. He knows that IoBM has many teachers — more than 400 full-time ones — and offers a lot of different courses, over 1000.

To make sure all these teachers can use the new online learning system (LMS) well, Alam has a step-by-step training plan. This means teachers will learn how to use the LMS properly in stages, so they feel confident and can teach students better.

Right now, IoBM uses tools like Google Classroom and emails to teach and communicate. But Alam sees a bigger picture for the future. He wants IoBM to have one main online platform (LMS) where everything is organized. This way, teaching and learning will be more organized and smoother for everyone involved.

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Using LMS to Improve Quality

Dr. Muhammad Arif talked about how the online learning system (LMS) can work hand-in-hand with Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC). Here’s how it helps:

By using the LMS, the QEC can easily gather information and data. They can also run online surveys to get feedback and understand how things are going. With all this information at their fingertips, they can create detailed reports that show what’s working well and where there might be areas to improve.

This connection between the LMS and QEC means that the QEC can focus more on making sure everything at the institution is of the highest quality. Instead of spending lots of time collecting data manually or trying to figure out what needs attention, they can use the LMS to get clear insights. This way, they can use their expertise to make the institution even better, using technology as a helpful tool.

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IoBM is using modern tools like the Learning Management System (LMS) to improve education. Leaders such as Mr. Talib Karim and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder want to match teaching methods with what today’s students need, especially with technology. They’re focusing on methods like blended learning and flipped classrooms for better, interactive learning. IoBM is also training its teachers to use these digital tools well. The main aim is not just to use new tech but to give students a top-notch education. With the LMS, IoBM wants better teaching, keeps tabs on student progress, and always improves its teaching methods. Overall, IoBM wants its students to be ready and skilled for today’s fast-changing world.

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