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Khud Mukhtar Program for BISP Beneficiaries 2023 – Apply Online

Khud Mukhtar Program

Khud Mukhtar Program aims to help poor families by giving them extra support. They want to improve the lives of these families by focusing on two main things: money and education.

To start with, the program will provide about $40 million to help young parents who qualify. They will get assistance and training to be ready for jobs. They will also receive grants or assets to help them start a business. This will make their families stronger and more able to cope with tough times.

Secondly, the program will spend around $30 million on education. They will find out what schools need and help them improve. They will also train teachers and create special lessons for young children. Making the classrooms better will give kids a better chance to learn and grow.

In the end, the Khud Mukhtar Program wants to make sure everyone can participate in society. They hope to improve skills and provide more access to education, especially for young people. This will help poor communities and make their lives better.

Khud Mukhtar Program for BISP Beneficiaries 2023 - Apply Online

Key Features of the Khud Mukhtar Program

  • Economic Support through Eligibility Verification: The Khud Mukhtar Program carefully identifies eligible households using the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER). Once selected, individuals receive personalized livelihood support. This includes technical training and coaching to help them efficiently establish and manage their businesses.
  • Local Committees and Social Organizers: The process of buying assets for the supported businesses involves the oversight and consultation of local committees. Social organizers play a crucial role in guiding investment decisions at the household level.
  • Empowering Individual Entrepreneurship: The program aims to empower individuals by promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment among selected households. Specifically, couples aged 18 to 29 with at least one child under five years old are encouraged to become entrepreneurs.
  • Financial Assistance and Training: Beneficiaries receive financial support, along with training in various fields, such as livestock rearing, to enhance their economic status and lead more contented lives.

Benefits of the BISP Khud Mukhtar Program

  • More Money for Families: The program gives PKR 72,000 to eligible families, helping them have more money to improve their lives. They can use this money to start their own businesses and become more independent.
  • Better Schools: The program makes 3,400 government schools in Mianwali and Khushab better. This means children can have a better education and learn more things.
  • Help with Money Decisions: People called social organizers help families with their money decisions. They make sure the money is used in the best way to help families grow.
  • Useful Things for Homes: Families get valuable things worth PKR 72,000 to make their homes better. These things can help them have a better life and more stability.
  • Helping Poor Families: The program is like a helping hand for poor families. It helps them get out of poverty and have a better life.
  • Safety and Support: The program takes care of families by providing both safety and support. It makes sure they have what they need to live a good life.

The BISP Khud Mukhtar Program is all about making life better for poor families. It helps them become more independent, gives children a better education, and ensures families have the support they need to thrive.

Khud Mukhtar Program for BISP Beneficiaries 2023 - Apply Online

District Under this Program

The BISP Khud Mukhtar Program helps people in 11 districts of Punjab: Bahawalpur, Multan, Bhakkar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Mianwali, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Khushab, Layyah, Bahawalnagar, and Lodhran. The program wants to make life better for everyone by focusing on health, schools, and helping families.

Local people in these districts are very important for the program. They check if families are eligible for help from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). If they are eligible, these local people help families learn how to start and run their own businesses.

The program also cares a lot about health and schools. It wants to make schools in Mianwali and Khushab better for children to learn more and have a good future.

The program also helps families have more money and the things they need. They give families PKR 72,000 and important things to help them grow and do well in life.

The BISP Khud Mukhtar Program works hard in these eleven districts to make good changes for people. It wants to help families have a better life with more opportunities for growth, learning, and happiness.

Eligibility Criteria

The Khud Mukhtar Program is a part of the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project. It wants to make life better by improving health, schools, and helping families grow.

To join this program, families must already be part of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). The program helps young married couples aged 18 to 29 who have at least one child under five years old. These families will get money and support to have a better life.

Recommended Businesses from the Program:

The Khud Mukhtar Program suggests different businesses to help people earn money and improve their lives. Some ideas are:

  • Fixing clothes for others
  • Selling tea
  • Selling fruits and vegetables
  • Making beautiful pottery
  • Cutting and styling hair
  • Repairing mobile phones
  • Doing electrical work and providing UPS services
  • Running a shop for beauty products
  • Selling bangles
  • Taking care of livestock (like cows or goats)
  • Doing embroidery on fabrics
  • Welding metal pieces
  • Making pickles and marmalades
  • Selling paint
  • Running a grocery store
  • Selling snacks like samosas and pakoras
  • Running a beauty parlor

Khud Mukhtar Program for BISP Beneficiaries 2023 - Apply Online

People who get financial help from the program can choose the business they like and are good at. For more information or if they have any complaints, they can call the Punjab Social Protection Authority at 1221.

The Khud Mukhtar Program is part of the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project, started by the Government of Punjab to help people improve their lives. To complete your online application for this program, please visit the following link: [].

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