Polio Card Pakistan Get Online for Travelling Abroad

Polio Card Pakistan for International Travel

Polio Card Pakistan – If you’re planning to travel abroad from Pakistan, it’s important to have a Polio Card, a document that proves you and your family have been vaccinated against polio, a contagious disease. This guide will explain how to obtain a Polio Card in Pakistan, including who is eligible, the application process, and important details.

The government of Pakistan now mandates that all individuals traveling abroad from the country must possess recently issued online Polio Vaccination Cards. To comply with this requirement, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has directed airlines to ensure that outbound passengers carry their Polio Vaccination Cards.

Airports throughout Pakistan have also been instructed to verify these cards and confirm that all passengers traveling abroad possess up-to-date online Polio Cards, as the older versions are no longer valid.

It’s crucial to understand that the old Polio Cards have been phased out and are no longer accepted for travel purposes. Only the online Polio Cards are considered valid now.

Polio, short for poliomyelitis, is a viral infection that can lead to paralysis. Eliminating polio is essential to safeguard public health. To prevent the spread of this virus across borders, many countries now require travelers from Pakistan to provide proof of polio vaccination.

This requirement applies to all individuals, including children, who are traveling from Pakistan to other countries. So, be sure to obtain your Polio Card and carry it with you when traveling abroad to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Polio Card Pakistan Get Online for Travelling Abroad

Eligibility and Age Criteria

If you have had the necessary polio vaccinations, you can apply for a Polio Card.

Age Criteria:

  • Children Under Five: Polio vaccinations are usually given to kids who are younger than five years old. These vaccinations help protect them from the polio virus, which can make them very sick.
  • Adults Who Missed Vaccinations: Sometimes, grown-ups may not have gotten their polio vaccinations when they were kids. If that’s the case, they can still get the vaccine and then apply for a Polio Card. It’s never too late to protect yourself from polio and follow the travel rules.

In Pakistan, there are two kinds of polio vaccines: one you swallow (OPV) and one that is injected (IPV).

Children in Pakistan usually get the polio vaccine several times when they are of different ages. It’s important to make sure that you and your family get these vaccines at the right times according to the schedule.

How to Get a Polio Card in Pakistan?

  1. Visit Your Local Health Center: To get a Polio Card, go to the health center or a place where they give vaccinations near your home. Don’t forget to take your family’s vaccination records with you.
  2. Check Your Vaccination Records: The healthcare person at the center will look at your vaccination records to make sure you and your family got all the right shots.
  3. Get Vaccinated, If Needed: If you or your family members missed any of the required shots, the healthcare provider will give them to you right there.
  4. Get Your Polio Card: Once they are sure that you got all the vaccinations you need, they will give you a Polio Card for each person in your family. Make sure to keep these cards safe. They are important!

How to Get an Online Polio Card in Pakistan: Easy Steps

Step 1: Get Your Polio Drops

  • First, go to a government hospital and get your polio drops.

Step 2: Visit the Website

Step 3: Click on ‘Other Vaccination (Polio, Yellow Fever)’

  • There will be a button that says ‘Other Vaccination (Polio, Yellow Fever).’ Click on that.

Step 4: Enter Your Details

  • Fill in the information they ask for:
    • Your ID Card Number (without dashes)
    • Whether you have a CRC (Yes or No)
    • CNIC Issue Date
    • Choose ‘Vaccine’ (Oral Polio Vaccine)
    • Add two values
  • Then, click ‘Verify.’

Step 5: Fill in More Details

  • On the next page, you’ll need to provide more information:
    • Your name as mentioned on your CNIC or Passport
    • Passport Number
    • Select your nationality (Pakistani)
  • After filling in these details, click ‘Verify.’

Step 6: Download Your Polio Vaccination Certificate

  • You can choose any payment method to pay a one-time fee of Rs 100. The options include:
    • Credit Card
    • NADRA e-Sahulat
    • JazzCash
    • Easypaisa
    • Upaisa
    • Bank Alfalah
  • Click ‘Continue’ and pay the Rs 100 with your tracking number.
  • Verify the payment and the details you provided, then submit.
  • Finally, click ‘Certificate Download’ to get your Polio Vaccination Card or Certificate.

Polio Card Pakistan Get Online for Travelling Abroad

Conclusion: Traveling Abroad from Pakistan with Polio Cards

Recently, travelers got mixed up about needing polio vaccination certificates for overseas trips. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) first said you should get your polio card online, but later they said you don’t need it. This confusion started because of a letter about limited cards, but the PCAA canceled that letter.

The important thing to know is that all Pakistanis who want to travel abroad still need to get polio vaccinations, just like since 2014. The change is in how you get the vaccination certificate. Instead of the old yellow cards from hospitals or airports, you now go to your local health office or public hospital for polio drops. After that, you’ll be shown how to download your certificate from the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) website run by Nadra. This is to make sure the certificates are safe and real, like Covid-19 certificates with QR codes.

Pakistan is working hard to follow the rules from the International Monitoring Board (IMB) to stop the polio virus from spreading. So, travelers still have to get polio vaccination certificates for international trips. In short, even though the way to get the certificates has changed for safety, the main rule about getting polio vaccinations before going abroad stays the same. Travelers should follow the new process to have the right documents for their journeys.

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