PPSC Jobs Apply Online 2024 Advertisement – New Vacancies

PPSC Jobs 2024 Announcement

PPSC Jobs Apply Online: The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has recently unveiled its latest recruitment drive for 2024 through Advertisement 30. This announcement has paved the way for job seekers from all corners of Pakistan, inviting them to apply for various positions.

This employment opportunity falls under the government sector, offering the selected candidates a chance to serve the nation. The primary location for these positions is the bustling city of Lahore, which serves as the epicenter for many administrative activities of the province.

For those considering applying, it’s essential to meet the education criteria. The range is quite diverse, starting from Matriculation (10th grade) and going up to Masters level. This broad spectrum ensures that individuals with different educational backgrounds have an opportunity to become a part of the PPSC family.

PPSC Jobs Apply Online 2024 Advertisement - New Vacancies

The employment type for these positions is full-time, ensuring stability and consistent work hours for the selected candidates. As for the number of vacancies, there are over a thousand positions available, providing ample opportunities for a vast number of individuals.

To keep the public informed, the advertisement for these vacancies has been published in prominent newspapers, including The Nation and Express. This wide coverage ensures that potential candidates are well aware of the opportunity and can apply timely.

For those interested, it’s crucial to act promptly as the last date to submit applications is 5th January 2024. Any applications received after this date are likely to be disregarded. Lastly, for those who might have queries or need more information, the PPSC Head Office in Lahore, with the zip code 54000, is the primary point of contact.

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Details of PPSC 2024 Job Advertisement in Punjab

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has unveiled a comprehensive job advertisement under the banner of Advertisement 30, detailing vacancies across various esteemed departments of Punjab. Here’s a breakdown of the positions available:

Punjab Higher Education Department: Under this department, the commission is seeking qualified individuals for lecturer positions in various subjects. The distribution of vacancies is as follows:

  • English: 15 positions
  • Islamiat: 20 positions
  • Commerce: 60 positions
  • Economics: 15 positions
  • Math: 15 positions
  • Statistics: 13 positions Total Lecturer Positions: 138

Moreover, for the role of lecturers, the subjects and the number of vacancies are:

  • Urdu: 120 positions
  • English: 100 positions
  • Islamiat: 60 positions
  • Commerce: 103 positions
  • English Shorthand: 25 positions
  • Economics: 40 positions
  • Computer Science: 40 positions
  • Math: 44 positions
  • Statistics: 20 positions Total Lecturer Positions: 552

Board of Revenue: Within the Board of Revenue, the requirement is for the position of Junior Clerk, with a total of 21 vacancies available.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha: The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Sargodha has one opening for the position of Welfare Officer.

Ministry of Defence 2024: Additionally, the Ministry of Defence has announced a significant recruitment drive for 2024. The department is advertising for over 300 vacancies, encompassing various roles and responsibilities.

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Departments for PPSC 2024 Job Opportunities in Punjab

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is looking for people to fill jobs in various government departments in 2024. Here’s a simple list of these departments and what they do:

  • Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Department: This group takes care of forests, animals, and fish in Punjab.
  • Agriculture Department Punjab: They help farmers, ensure we have enough food, and promote farming in Punjab.
  • Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department: This department offers advanced medical training and better healthcare services.
  • School Education Department: They work to make schools better and ensure students get a good education in Punjab.
  • Board of Revenue Punjab: They manage land records, collect taxes, and handle land-related matters.
  • Environment Protection Department: Their job is to protect nature, encourage green practices, and keep Punjab clean.
  • Punjab Police/Special Branch: They’re the main police force in Punjab, keeping people safe and maintaining order.
  • Police Dog Breeding Center and Training School: This place breeds and trains police dogs for various tasks.
  • Housing, Urban Development, and Public Health Engineering Department: They plan cities, manage housing projects, and ensure clean water and sanitation.
  • Tourism Department: Their goal is to boost tourism, protect historical sites, and make Punjab a top travel destination.
  • Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, DG Khan: They handle exams and make sure schools in DG Khan offer quality education.
  • Labor and Human Resource Department (PESSI): They look after workers’ rights, safety, and welfare.

In short, PPSC’s 2024 job openings cover a wide range of departments. Each of these departments is essential for the growth and well-being of people in Punjab. If you have skills and want to work for the government, there’s likely a job opportunity for you in one of these departments.

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How to Apply for Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs 2024?

PPSC Jobs Apply Online: If you’re interested in applying for a job with the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in 2023, here are some essential points to remember:

PPSC Jobs Apply Online 2024 Advertisement - New Vacancies

  • Check the PPSC Website: Before you apply online, visit the PPSC website at Make sure to read the guidelines there, especially about the application fee, written test, and interview process.
  • Age Concession: If you’re currently working for any semi-government, federal, provincial, or local body, you won’t get any age relaxation based on your service duration.
  • Equivalent Qualification: If you believe your qualification matches the required criteria, you’ll need to show an equivalence certificate. This certificate can come from institutions like HEC, PMDC, or other relevant departments. If you can’t provide this, your application might be rejected.
  • Proof of Experience: If you claim experience from a private firm or entity, you must prove that the firm is registered with regulatory authorities like SECP or Registrar of Firms. Without this proof, your application could face rejection.
  • Departmental Permission: After applying for a job, ensure you get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or Departmental Permission from your current workplace. You’ll need to show this at the interview if called.
  • Registration with Relevant Bodies: If your job application requires registration with bodies like PEC, PNC, PMDC, or others, ensure you’ve either applied for or obtained this registration before the closing date. Show this registration at the interview if asked.
  • Educational Certificates: At the time of the interview, make sure you provide certificates showing your marks or percentages for all your degrees. Remember, CGPA is not accepted.
  • Trust Only PPSC’s Website: Always rely on information from PPSC’s official website. Don’t trust any other sources or rumors.
  • Test Locations: If you need to take shorthand, typing, or proficiency tests, these will happen only in Lahore.

For more detailed information and job listings, visit: PPSC Jobs Page.

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