Prime Ministers Youth Program 2023 Loan Scheme Online Apply

Prime Ministers Youth Program

Prime Ministers Youth Program is a vital initiative in Pakistan, aiming to support and uplift the country’s youth, recognizing them as its most valuable resource. Launched in 2013, this program has a clear mission: to actively engage, empower, and educate the youth in ways that are both meaningful and productive.

Recently, this program has been revitalized, with three additional focus areas introduced to address the contemporary challenges faced by young Pakistanis. These new areas of focus are designed to create opportunities and tackle specific issues.

Firstly, the “Girls Learn Girls Earn” initiative is a significant step towards enhancing the inclusion of women in the workforce. It recognizes the importance of gender equality and seeks to empower women with education and employment opportunities. This not only benefits individual women but also contributes to the overall economic growth of the nation.

Secondly, “Mehnat Mien Azmat” aims to promote the dignity and respect associated with blue-collar jobs. These jobs are an essential part of any thriving economy, and this initiative seeks to highlight their value while providing avenues for skill development and job placement.

Lastly, the “Jobs of The Future” initiative focuses on addressing the unique challenges of youth employment in the modern world. It recognizes the rapidly evolving job market and aims to devise effective policies that align with the skills and aspirations of today’s youth, ensuring they are well-prepared for the job opportunities of tomorrow.

Prime Ministers Youth Program 2023 Loan Scheme Online Apply

National Innovation Award of PM Youth Program

The Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award (PMNIA) is part of the PM Youth Program and is managed by the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad. It’s a chance for young Pakistanis aged 15 to 30 to propose innovative ideas and receive funding and support to turn those ideas into businesses.

The goal of this award is to encourage young people to come up with new digital, technical, governance, and social ideas that can benefit both themselves and the country. These ideas should address local challenges and contribute to Pakistan’s development.

The Innovation Award focuses on various thematic areas such as food security, water management, sustainable energy, urban planning, climate change, information technology, governance, health care, and more. The solutions proposed should also align with specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address global issues.

Awards will be given in two stages: the first stage offers cash prizes to the top 10 winners and 40 runners-up. The second stage supports the 50 winners from the first stage in scaling up their ideas, including the possibility of additional funding and incubation support.

To be eligible, participants must be Pakistani or AJK nationals between 15 and 30 years old. Applications should be submitted online by November 15, 2022, through the PMNIA website.

The selection process involves concept note submissions, evaluations by review panels, and a pitching competition. The top 50 ideas will be awarded at a national ceremony.

Winners will also have access to follow-up programs, mentorship, incubation opportunities, and connections to startup ecosystems and funding sources.

The PMNIA aims to support innovative ideas and startups, contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth and development. For more information, you can visit their website at or contact them via email or phone at and 051-90407853, respectively.

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Talent Hunt Youth Sports League in PM Youth Program

Talent Hunt Youth Sports League aims to discover and nurture sporting talent in various games for both men and women. They focus on sports like Badminton, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Squash, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.

Their goal is to create a strong team and produce professional players who can represent Pakistan nationally and internationally. They want to promote a sports culture in the country.

In Phase-I, they successfully conducted talent hunts and provincial leagues for Weightlifting and Wrestling. National leagues will start in August 2022. In the coming year, they plan to organize talent hunts for Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Cricket, and Football.

Eligible players must be aged 15-25, Pakistani or AJK nationals, and not affiliated with any departmental teams. Trials will be held in 25 locations across Pakistan.

To apply, interested players can register online through this link:

After winning the National Leagues, selected players will receive coaching, development facilities, scholarships for higher education, and access to sports academies for continuous skill and physical fitness development.

For inquiries, you can contact the HEC Call Centre at UAN: 111-119-432 or 0334-1119432, or visit their website at

Mr. Javed Ali Memon is the Director/In-charge of the Sports & Co-curricular Division and can be reached at

Prime Ministers Youth Program 2023 Loan Scheme Online Apply

Green Youth Movement in Prime Ministers Youth Program

The Green Youth Movement (GYM) is part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, focusing on involving young people in promoting environmental conservation and sustainable practices. The initiative aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  1. Raise awareness and engage youth in environmental conservation and eco-friendly behavior.
  2. Invest in the young population of Pakistan for research and eco-innovation in environmental conservation and climate action.
  3. Support and promote young eco-inventors at national and international levels.
  4. Adopt global eco-innovations for Pakistan.
  5. Create model green campuses as living labs for renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, air quality, forestation, and eco-tourism.

Thematic Areas:

  1. Agriculture and forestry.
  2. Liquid and solid waste.
  3. Water conservation.
  4. Renewable energy.
  5. Eco-tourism.

Project Structure:

  • Oversight Committee/Focal Person is responsible for forming and guiding GYM clubs.
  • GYM clubs are established in universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) with core teams selected through “Green Elections.”

Current Status:

  • 100% of universities/HEIs have nominated their GYM focal person.
  • 90% of universities/HEIs have established their GYM clubs.
  • 98% of universities/HEIs have nominated oversight committee members.

GYM Club Activities:

  1. Agriculture and Forestry: Plantation drives, tree adoption, micro-farming.
  2. Liquid and Solid Waste: Community clean-up drives, waste audits.
  3. Water: Water conservation campaigns through poster competitions and community sessions.
  4. Clean and Affordable Energy: Energy conservation campaigns through poster competitions and community sessions.
  5. Eco-Tourism: Educational visits to national parks and sanctuaries, article writing, idea generation for eco-tourism projects, anti-littering campaigns, and Vlogs at holiday destinations.

The Green Youth Movement empowers young people to actively contribute to environmental preservation and sustainable development in Pakistan.

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Youth Development Centers of Prime Ministers Youth Program

Youth Development Centers (YDCs) are being established in public universities across Pakistan to provide students with various support services under one roof. These centers are part of the Higher Education Commission’s efforts to enhance the quality of undergraduate education.

Key Objectives:

  1. Offer academic and career counseling to students.
  2. Promote skills-based education and capacity-building.
  3. Facilitate entrepreneurship and business incubation.
  4. Provide information on internships and job opportunities.
  5. Engage students in extracurricular activities through clubs and societies.
  6. Establish a centralized hub for national and international scholarships.

Progress of the Project:

  1. A digital platform is being developed to provide YDC services to all public sector universities.
  2. Operational offices are set up in 45 universities to address student queries through the online portal.
  3. Services include academic guidance, internship/job opportunities, practical learning labs, student clubs and societies, event management, publication support, and scholarship opportunities.
  4. YDCs aim to provide timely and professional assistance to students, fostering their personal and professional development.

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