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Stanford University Ehsaas Program Appreciation Paper 2024

Stanford University Appreciates PTI’s Ehsaas Program

Stanford University Ehsaas Program – Stanford University likes Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program to help poor people. Imran Khan’s government started it in 2018. A paper called “Learning from Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program” talks about this. The program got praised in an article on June 6 called “Learning from Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program: Building a Better Welfare State.”

Pakistan’s government wants to make life better for the poorest people. Ehsaas is their big plan for this. It gives money to poor families and helps with healthcare, school, and jobs. By May 2020, more than 4 million families got help from this program. This shows how Imran Khan’s ideas can work.

Ehsaas did important things like starting a special website for safety and using cards for security. These things help lots of different problems for poor Pakistanis. It gives money, special discounts, and better health and food. Ehsaas Program worked well to help Pakistan’s poorest people. It’s even a good example for other places fighting poverty.

The study about this program talks about changes in rules, programs, and ways to do things during this time. It looks at what other leaders can learn from these changes. The study talks about important things like having a good leader, making strong groups, using data and technology well, and having a way to fight poverty that includes everyone. These ideas are important for leaders everywhere who want to fight poverty.

Stanford University Ehsaas Program Appreciation Paper 2023

Stanford’s Report on Ehsaas Program Sparks Discussions

A tweet by Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar, who used to help the prime minister with reducing poverty, created a lot of talk online. She said that Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program is getting noticed internationally. This led to both supporters and critics talking about it online, showing their own opinions based on their political views.

The report was made by Sir Michael Barber, who works for a company called ‘Delivery Associates‘. This report was made for Stanford University. It’s about Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program started by the PTI government.

Some people praised Dr. Nishtar for her work, while others thought the report was too nice to the previous government. They said this because the people who made the report have connections to the Ehsaas program. But the report is like a detailed study of the Ehsaas program, similar to a case study in school.

Even though Sir Michael Barber has connections to other programs in Pakistan, the report got approved by experts who know a lot about reducing poverty.

The report mentioned that when new leaders take over the country, it might affect the Ehsaas Program’s future. The report says that Ehsaas should stay important no matter which group is leading the country. It also says that the government needs to keep supporting Ehsaas to keep helping poor people in Pakistan.

The report also said that the Ehsaas Program 8171 is more than just changing the name of another program. It’s a big change that helps many parts of Pakistan’s anti-poverty work.

The report talked about something important: the economy of a country needs to be strong to support programs like Ehsaas. If the economy is weak, the government can’t afford to help poor people without help from other countries. So, for Ehsaas to work well, the country’s economy needs to do well too.

Positive Effects of the Ehsaas Program:

The Ehsaas Program in Pakistan has brought about several positive changes for the people of the country:

  • Helping Families in Need: Through the Ehsaas Program, families facing financial difficulties receive money to help them with their important needs. This support makes their lives a little easier and helps them live in better conditions.
  • More Education Opportunities: The program offers special scholarships called Ehsaas scholarships. These scholarships help smart and hardworking students who might not have a lot of money. With these scholarships, students can study more and have a better chance of finding good jobs in the future.
  • Healthcare for All: The Ehsaas Program also makes sure that people who don’t have a lot of money can still go to the doctor when they’re sick. This makes sure that everyone, no matter how much money they have, can stay healthy and strong.
  • Learning Useful Skills: Some people might not have had the chance to learn skills for good jobs before. But the Ehsaas Program helps them learn important skills that companies need. This way, they can find jobs that pay well and support themselves and their families.
  • Empowering Women: Ehsaas Program believes in making women strong and equal to men. It helps women find jobs and make money so they can take care of themselves and their families. This is an important step towards making the world fairer for everyone.

The Ehsaas Program is making life better for many people in Pakistan by giving them money, education, healthcare, skills, and a chance for women to shine.

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