Top 5 Must-Know Scholarships in Pakistan for Students [Latest]

Top 5 Scholarships in Pakistan

Scholarships in Pakistan – Pakistani students have access to numerous fully funded scholarship opportunities, making it easier for them to pursue their educational aspirations without financial barriers. Here, we’ll explore five prominent fully funded scholarships tailored to Pakistani students:

  1. Fulbright Program: The Fulbright Program is a remarkable opportunity for Pakistani students seeking to study in the United States. This initiative covers a wide range of expenses, including tuition fees, living costs, and even travel expenses. It opens doors to experience the American education system and immerse oneself in a diverse cultural environment.
  2. Chevening Scholarships: For ambitious individuals aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, the Chevening Scholarships offer a compelling avenue. These scholarships not only cover tuition fees but also provide support for living expenses, and in some cases, travel costs. This presents a fantastic opportunity to receive a high-quality British education.
  3. HEC Scholarships: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan administers various fully funded scholarships, both for domestic and international universities. These scholarships are available across diverse fields of study, ranging from sciences to arts. HEC ensures that deserving Pakistani students can pursue their academic endeavors without financial concerns.
  4. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program: The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program is a prestigious initiative that offers financial support to students from developing countries, including Pakistan. It covers tuition fees and living expenses, enabling students to access education at some of the world’s top institutions.
  5. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship: The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program is a significant initiative by the Pakistani government to provide financial aid to deserving undergraduate students. It covers tuition fees and stipends to assist students in meeting their educational and living expenses.

Top 5 Must-Know Scholarships in Pakistan for Students [Latest]

Fulbright Scholarships in Pakistan: Your Path to U.S. Education

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program gives Pakistani students a chance to chase their education dreams in the United States. It gets funds from the United States Department of State and is managed by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

This program offers money to Pakistani students, mainly to help them study at the graduate level in the United States. Students can choose different paths, like getting master’s degrees, Ph.D. programs, or doing research in many fields. They can also use the money for studies beyond their bachelor’s degree. Besides studies, this program also helps students with professional growth and research.

What makes the Fulbright Foreign Student Program special is how it helps with money. It takes care of important things when studying abroad, like paying for your classes, your living costs, and even your travel expenses. The best part is that it covers these costs for your whole study duration. This means you can focus on your studies without worrying about money problems.

But this program isn’t just about money. It knows that adjusting to life and culture in the United States can be tricky. So, it offers support and guidance to make sure Pakistani students feel comfortable and confident during their studies in the U.S.

If you’re excited about this opportunity, you can find more info and how to apply on the official Fulbright Scholarship website for Pakistani students at This scholarship not only helps you reach your education goals but also brings people from different cultures together, making it a bright chance for Pakistani students.

Fulbright Scholarships in Pakistan: Your Path to U.S. Education

Chevening Scholarships in Pakistan: Your Path to Studying in the UK

Chevening Scholarships, supported by the UK government, offer a special chance for people worldwide to study in the United Kingdom for a one-year master’s degree program. This program covers all the costs, making it available to talented individuals from different backgrounds.

Chevening Scholars come from various countries and all share a strong commitment to making the world better. They have a deep passion, clear goals, and the skills to create positive change. After finishing your scholarship year, you join a global community of over 50,000 Chevening alumni worldwide. This network gives you knowledge and connections to turn your ideas into reality and succeed in your career.

What the Chevening Scholarship covers:

  • University Tuition Fees: They pay for all your university fees in the UK.
  • Monthly Stipend: You receive a monthly allowance to cover living expenses during your studies.
  • Travel Costs: The program handles your travel expenses to and from the UK, so you can focus on your studies.
  • Arrival Allowance: When you arrive in the UK, you get extra money to help you settle in comfortably.
  • Homeward Departure Allowance: After your scholarship ends, they provide an allowance to cover your journey back home.
  • Visa Application Cost: The scholarship also covers the expenses for one visa application.
  • Travel Grant: You receive a grant to attend special Chevening events in the UK, where you can connect with other scholars and explore more opportunities.

Chevening Scholarships in Pakistan: Your Path to Studying in the UK

To start your application, visit the website On the website, you’ll find all the details and step-by-step instructions for applying. Make sure to read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions to grab this amazing educational opportunity.

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HEC Scholarship in Pakistan

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is here to help Pakistani students with its Indigenous Scholarship program. This program is designed to assist students in pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in educational institutions within Pakistan.

This scholarship opportunity is open to Pakistani citizens who belong to any of the four provinces in the country. To be eligible, students should have successfully completed their Intermediate (F.Sc) or an equivalent level of education. Additionally, they must secure admission to a recognized Pakistani university or college.

One of the most significant advantages of the HEC Indigenous Scholarship is that it’s fully funded. This means it covers all the financial aspects related to education, including tuition fees, expenses for necessary books, accommodation costs, and everyday living expenses. Typically, the scholarship is available for a maximum of four years, ensuring continuous support throughout the student’s academic journey.

Students who are selected for this program also receive a monthly allowance to make it easier for them to manage their finances while focusing on their studies.

For those interested in learning more and accessing detailed information, please visit

HEC Scholarship in Pakistan

The HEC Indigenous Scholarship reflects Pakistan’s commitment to providing higher education opportunities for its citizens. By offering comprehensive support for tuition, living expenses, and more, it empowers students to start their educational journeys within the country, setting a solid foundation for their future careers.

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Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program (AKFISP) is a special scholarship that helps talented students from Pakistan who may not have a lot of money. It helps them go to good universities around the world and pays for everything.

This scholarship covers a lot of things, so students don’t have to worry about money. It pays for their school fees, where they live, and other things they need for studying, like books and travel costs. Besides money, the program also gives students advice and helps to become better at what they’re studying.

One thing that makes the Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program different is that it welcomes students from all backgrounds and religions. It wants everyone to have a fair chance. They especially like students who want to help their communities and work to make things better.

The scholarship can last for up to three years, but it depends on how well the student does in school. If they do really well, they can keep getting help for three years.

If you want to know more and get all the details, you can visit

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program is like a bright light for talented students from Pakistan. It lets them study without worrying about money and helps them become leaders in what they study.

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Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships in Pakistan: Helping Deserving Students

The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program is an important effort by the Pakistani government. It shows that the government wants to help students who deserve it to go to university. This program is designed to make it easier for students to get a good education by taking care of the money part.

One of the best things about the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is that it pays for important things. It gives money to cover the fees for going to university, so students don’t have to worry about how to pay for it. It also gives students some money every month to help with living costs while they are studying.

The main aim of the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is to let students focus on their studies without always worrying about not having enough money. By taking care of the money part, the program helps students do well in their studies and become the best they can be.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships Program

This scholarship program is very important because it shows that education is a way for people to grow and make the country better. It makes sure that students who really deserve it, no matter how much money they have, can go to university and help Pakistan become a better place.

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The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is a sign that the government wants everyone to have a chance to get a good education. It gives hope to students who want to go to university and make their dreams come true.

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