BISP Online Registration For Special Persons – Good News 2023

BISP Online Registration For Special Persons - Good News 2023

BISP Dynamic Registry For Transgenders

BISP Online Registration – The Benazir Income Support Program has made special arrangements for certain groups of people to join the program. There is a special category called the “Dynamic Registry” for people with disabilities. There is also a group of people who are 65 years old or older and members of the Khwaja Sarah committee. These persons can only sign up for the Benazir Income Support Program using this specific process.

On the other days of the week, regular people can register for the program at the Tehsil Offices of the Benazir Income Support Program. However, there is a problem because too many people come to the office and it becomes very crowded. This makes it difficult for everyone, including special persons and the elderly who already have difficulties.

To solve this problem, the Benazir Income Support Program has decided that special persons and the elderly over 65 years old can only register during their special week. This means they will have a specific time when they can sign up just for them. This will help reduce the crowds, make the sign-up process easier, and make things better for special individuals and the elderly.

This decision shows that the program cares about including everyone and understands the unique situations of these people. The goal is to make sure they have a comfortable and easy sign-up experience while also making things better for everyone else.

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Ehsaas Masawaat Program For Transgenders

In Pakistan, transgender people face a lot of difficulties in their lives. They feel alone and left out by society, which makes it hard for them to have a good life. They don’t have enough money and struggle to find opportunities to grow. To help them, the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) made a special program called Masawaat.

The Masawaat Program gives money to transgender people who are old or have disabilities. Old transgender people get Rs. 3,000 every month, and transgender people with disabilities get Rs. 2,000 every month. They can get this money from special places called HBL Konnect Agents in Punjab.

The program also helps transgender people start their own small businesses. They can borrow up to Rs. 100,000 without paying extra money. This helps them make money and become more independent. PSPA works with the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) to give these loans.

To make sure transgender people stay healthy, the program organizes special medical camps just for them. At these camps, they check their health, give them treatment, and provide medicine if they need it. Health departments and private companies help with these camps.

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The Masawaat Program also wants to help transgender people find jobs. PSPA is working with private companies to create special job opportunities only for transgender people. They want to make sure transgender people have good jobs and can earn money. By working together with different groups, the program hopes to make transgender people’s lives better.

While the Masawaat Program starts with a few things, it plans to do more in the future. PSPA wants to keep helping transgender people and make their lives better. They know that transgender people have special needs, and they want to help them.

BISP Online Registration For Special Persons - Good News 2023

Objectives for the Ehsaas Transgender Program

The Masawaat Program in Pakistan has some important goals it wants to achieve:

  1. Including Transgender Persons: The program wants to make sure that transgender people are not left out and can be a part of society like everyone else. They will get help with things like jobs, education, healthcare, and a place to live. This will make them feel included and reduce the problems they face.
  2. Protecting Against Poverty: Transgender people often have a hard time with money and can be very poor. The Masawaat Program wants to help them by giving them support to meet their basic needs and have a good life. They will get money and help so they don’t become extremely poor.
  3. Developing Skills and Abilities: It’s important for transgender people to have good skills and be able to do things. The program wants to help them learn and grow by giving them chances to learn new skills and earn money. They can get loans without interest to start their own small businesses and become more independent.
  4. Improving Health and Well-being: Transgender people can have health problems and get sick easily. The Masawaat Program wants to take care of their health by organizing free medical camps. These camps will check their health, give them treatments, and provide medicine if they need it. By doing this, they want to make sure transgender people are healthier and feel better.

To sum it up, the Masawaat Program in Pakistan has important goals. It wants to make sure transgender people are a part of society, help them not be very poor, support their learning and earning money, and improve their health. By doing these things, they hope to create a better and more supportive environment for transgender people in the country.

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Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Masawat Transgender Program

The Masawaat Program in Pakistan has specific eligibility criteria:

  1. Age above 40 years: Transgender individuals who are 40 years old or above are eligible for the program. They can receive support and benefits provided by the program.
  2. Disabled transgender individuals below 40 years: Transgender persons who are below 40 years of age and have disabilities are also eligible for the program. They can access the assistance and benefits offered by the program.
  3. Possessing a transgender CNIC with mentioned disability: To qualify for the program, transgender individuals need to have a transgender Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) that specifies their disability. This helps in identifying those who are eligible for the program based on their transgender status and disability.

In summary, the Masawaat Program in Pakistan has specific eligibility criteria. It includes transgender individuals aged 40 years or above, disabled transgender persons below 40 years of age, and those who possess a transgender CNIC with a mentioned disability. These criteria determine who can participate in and benefit from the program.

BISP Online Registration Method for Khawaja Sara

Something important has happened in Pakistan. The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has decided to help Khawaja Sara individuals for the first time. The BISP gives money to people who need support, and now Khawaja Sara individuals can also get this help.

To get the support, Khawaja Sara individuals need to go to a special office called NADRA. They can ask for a special card there that shows they are Khawaja Sara. This card is important because it recognizes who they are and helps them get help from the BISP.

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Once they have the Khawaja Sara card, they need to go to the BISP office. They have to fill out a paper there to ask for money. This paper is like a formal request to get help from the BISP.

If they fill out the paper correctly, Khawaja Sara individuals can get money from the BISP. The amount of money may be different for each person, but it’s usually around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 9,000. This money is meant to help them with their needs and make their lives better.

By including Khawaja Sara individuals in the Benazir Income Support Program, the government of Pakistan is showing that it cares about them and wants to protect their rights. This is a big step towards making society fairer and equal for everyone.

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