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Ehsaas One Window Program Registration 2024 – Ehsaas Center

Ehsaas One Window Program

Ehsaas One Window Program – Ehsaas is a big program that helps lots of different groups. It has many programs to support people who are struggling. But sometimes, families who don’t have much money don’t know about the help they can get. And even if they do know, it’s hard for them to get all the help because they have to go to different places for each program.

To fix this problem, they created the One Window Ehsaas Center. This special place is set up to make things easier for people. Instead of going to different offices, they can go to just one place. It’s like having one window where they can get all the help they need.

The One Window Ehsaas Center has 6 important parts that work together. These parts, or “pillars,” make sure people can easily access the help they need. They provide services through a single window, so people don’t have to run around to different offices anymore. This way, it becomes simpler and more convenient for families to get the support they are entitled to.

Ehsaas One Window Program Registration 2024 - Ehsaas Center

A One-Stop Shop, The Ehsaas Window Center:

The first pillar of the One Window Ehsaas initiative is the establishment of physical Ehsaas Centers. The One Window Ehsaas initiative aims to make it easier for people to access different Ehsaas programs. These centers provide many helpful services all in one place. The first center was opened in Sitara Market, Islamabad. Let’s look at what you can find there:

  • All Ehsaas Programs: The center brings together different Ehsaas programs so that people can easily get the help they need. This includes programs from BISP, PPAF, PBM, and other partners.
  • Cash Withdrawal: You can use biometric ATMs, points of sale, and branches of HBL and Bank Alfalah to withdraw cash conveniently.
  • Biometric Support: If you have any issues with your biometric identification, the NADRA office at the center can assist you. They can also help disabled individuals and families of deceased beneficiaries.
  • Nutritional Support: The Nashonuma Center provides specialized food for children who are at risk of stunting and pregnant mothers. This helps ensure they get the right nutrition.
  • Digital Services: The Ehsaas Digital Internet cafe offers free computer and printing services to students. This way, they can access online resources and educational materials without any cost.
  • Livelihood Opportunities: The Ehsaas Amdan and Ehsaas Interest-Free Loan Desks provide information and support for finding ways to earn a living and participate in the Ehsaas Amdan program.
  • Free Food: The Ehsaas Langar provides free meals, so nobody has to go hungry.
  • Shelter Assistance: If you need a place to stay, shuttle services are available to Panagahs (shelter homes) that provide a bed and breakfast for people in need.
  • Registration and Information: The center has an Ehsaas Registration Desk for survey registration. It also has desks to enroll children in educational cash transfer programs and provide information about the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program for university students.
  • Healthcare Support: The Ehsaas Tahafuz and Sehat Sahulat Desk offers financial assistance to patients who need help. There’s also a desk dedicated to serving differently-abled individuals with assistive devices and wheelchairs.
  • Financial Assistance: The PBM’s desk provides individual financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries.
  • Training and Utility: The center has a fully equipped training room and a utility store outlet where you can get Ehsaas Rashan subsidies.
  • Women’s Facilities: There’s a retiring room specifically for women beneficiaries. It ensures they have a comfortable and private space.
  • Information and Support: Information boards display useful information, and there’s a desk where you can ask questions or make complaints through e-portals.

These One Window Physical Ehsaas Centers aim to make it easier for people to access Ehsaas programs and improve their overall experience when seeking assistance.

Ehsaas One Window Digital (Ehsaas Raabta):

The second part of the Ehsaas initiative is called Ehsaas One Window Digital or Ehsaas Raabta. It is like a central platform that connects people to all the information and services related to Ehsaas. This digital portal is easy to use and can be accessed by everyone. It provides information in Urdu, which is a language that many people understand. It is a helpful place where you can find everything you need about Ehsaas in one location. You can download the Ehsaas Raabta App from the Google Play Store.

Ehsaas App:

The Ehsaas App is part of the Ehsaas initiative called One Window. It has the same information as the digital portal and shows where you can find free food centers (Langars), shelter homes (Panagahs), and payment sites. You can use the app to easily find the address of these places.

The app also has a camera feature that lets you take pictures of the locations of Ehsaas social welfare sites, which helps with making maps. To get the Ehsaas Raabta App, you can download it from the below link. This app is designed to make it easier for people to access Ehsaas-related resources and services, so they can get the help they need from the Ehsaas initiative.

Download Ehsaas App

Integrated Back Office Digital Interface:

The fourth part of the Ehsaas initiative is the integrated back office digital interface. It helps all the people involved in the Ehsaas program to easily find the right links and resources they need. This interface is like a convenient platform where people working with Ehsaas can get the information and tools they require.

It makes sure that everyone involved in the Ehsaas initiative can communicate and work together smoothly. It simplifies the processes and gives a central place to access important resources. With this interface, people can easily move around and interact with the Ehsaas system, which helps them work together effectively and provide better services.

Cognitive API Architecture – The Integrated Database:

The fifth part of the One Window Ehsaas initiative is the integrated database. It collects important information from different places and helps decision-makers make better choices and distribute resources more effectively. The database stores all the necessary data in one central location, making it easy to access and study.

When information is gathered together, it gives decision-makers a complete understanding of what’s happening, so they can make smart decisions. The integrated database also helps ensure that resources are allocated wisely by giving a clear picture of what is needed. With the integrated database, the One Window Ehsaas initiative can make its work smoother and improve how well it helps people.

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Ehsaas One-Window Beneficiary Selection and Targeting Policy

The sixth and final part of the One Window Ehsaas initiative is the Standardized Beneficiary Targeting Policy. This policy ensures that people are chosen for help in a fair and consistent way. Instead of each agency having its own rules, they all use the same method called the Proxy Means Test. This test uses information from the National Socioeconomic Survey to determine who needs assistance the most based on their situation.

By using this policy, the Ehsaas initiative makes sure that help goes to the people who really need it. It makes the process fair and transparent, and it helps direct resources to those who require them the most. This way, the Ehsaas initiative can better support the right people and make a bigger difference in their lives.


The One Window Ehsaas initiative is a complete plan to help people who are facing difficulties. It includes Ehsaas Centers where you can go for assistance, a digital platform and app for information and services, a system to connect all the offices, a central database for information, and a fair way to choose who gets help. All these parts work together to make it easier for people to get the support they need. The goal of Ehsaas is to make sure that everyone who needs help can access it easily and that resources are used wisely. This initiative is designed to improve the lives of those who are struggling and provide them with the assistance they require.

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